Christopher Warren

Decertified Officer Number: 28203
Decertified in:
Officer Christopher Warren Decertified::
Christopher Warren
Christopher Warren

Law enforcement officer Christopher Warren was decertified by the Beaverton Police in the state of Oregon in

The Decertification Database is currently a work in progress. In the near future registered members will be able to add their own pictures and descriptions to profiles of decertified officers such as this one. Think of it like a Decertified Cop Wiki. For now if you have anything to contribute about this officer please post a comment below.

7/21/2019 - I remember reading about this guy in the paper and thought he was a real scumbag because he got convicted of a sex crime against minors, but I just Googled him and it turns out he got a new trial and was found not guilt. Still, was was convicted of fraud and therefore remains decertified.

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