"Sign the Petition" Facebook Group Complicit in Hannah Fizer Cover-up

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The Facebook group "Sign the Petition Justice for Hannah" claims to seek justice for Hannah Fizer when in fact the admins are complicit in the cover up of Hannah Fizer's murder. The page was created by Don Hockaday who administers it along with several moderators. The group rules include "no naming of deputies you suspect." How is a community supposed to find out which deputy shot Hannah if they cannot even name those they suspect of being that deputy? They can't, unless Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond, the Missouri Highway Patrol, or some other official source publicly releases the name. That is why the community needs access to all information known about a possible shooter and those that likely know who it is until that shooter is officially named, outed, or their identity can be determined through other means (finding the suspect vehicle parked on or near their property, public records, a deputy willing to break his silence, a member of the shooter's family willing to do the right thing, etc.). That is why we are displaying home addresses from public records of anyone we believe to be a PCSO employee unless that person can be ruled out as the shooter (https://copblaster.com/blast/25799/pettis-county-sheriffs-office-staff-roster-sedalia-state-police). If Sheriff Bond does not like that then he can name the shooter himself and we will remove all but the shooter's address.

The group was created by Don Hockaday of Arvada, Colorado. Hockaday is originally from Missouri, but according to public records he has not had a Missouri address since 2017 but that was a P.O. box. His last known residential address in Missouri was in Sedalia in 2003. He is related to PCSO Deputy Marion David Hockaday. When asked if he might be able to get Marion to tell him who the shooter is Hockaday responded "Hell No , we obviously do not see eye to eye . Just because we are related does not mean we are close or even friends ." He also claimed to have left Sedalia 30 years ago, but as his address history shows he had a residential address in Sedalia as recently as 17 years ago. He does however have addresses in Colorado dating as far back as 1984, so maybe that was what he was referring to.

If you actually join the group, which Don has recently changed from public to private, you will not see anything that obviously discloses Don's status as a member of the PCSO family. There might be something there and we just have not found it, so we added a screenshot of his confession to the featured image on this page. He seemed to have no problem admitting to being the cousin of Deputy Hockaday when asked, but that might just be because he figures denying it would create a lie that would be easy to disprove, so it would be better to make himself look estranged. We were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at first because his group seemed to have the interests of justice at heart. That was until the admins started censoring people that post information that might actually lead people to the shooter. Instead we believe that Hockaday created the group to control the spread of information and some have suggested to us that his cousin is at the top of their suspects list.

Censored information posted by us include the names and addresses of individuals that we know to be current and former PCSO employees (https://copblaster.com/blast/25799/pettis-county-sheriffs-office-staff-roster-sedalia-state-police), correspondence with Sheriff Bond in which he refused to comply with a records request filed under the Freedom of Information Act (https://copblaster.com/blast/25797/pettis-county-sheriff-kevin-c-bond-refuses-to-comply-with-foia), and posts criticizing the admins for censoring the group. Censored information posted by others include the earliest known cell phone video which shows that the shooter's vehicle is most likely a gray/silver SUV (https://copblaster.com/blast/25799/pettis-county-sheriffs-office-staff-roster-sedalia-state-police). Several people have reported trying to post those videos only to find out they were removed shortly afterwards.

Whether or not his cousin is the shooter, Hockaday still appears to have law enforcement's interests at heart and prioritizes them over finding Hannah's killer. We were banned from the group after posting a link to addresses of known deputies with recommendations that people survey those locations for the suspect vehicle and ask the people living there if they know who the shooter is or are willing to talk about the department in general. The admins also removed information that has nothing to do with addresses including a copy of Kevin Bond's refusal to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Now the only document available on the site is instructions on how to register to vote. The group claims to be seeking justice for Hannah, but they are not willing to do all that is necessary to find out who killed her. The tactics they are willing to let people advocate for seem limited to protesting outside of the PCSO station, voting for someone else, and hoping that activity is enough to convince Kevin Bond to say who it is. They are not willing to pressure individual members of the department on their home turf or on their own time. They repeatedly say that they don't want to be seen as anti-police, so they are only willing to use the system that denied Hannah her right to life for no justifiable reason to seek justice for her.

Alternative Groups

There are a few other Facebook groups that appear to be actually seeking Justice for Hannah. Those groups include Fight for Hannah (https://www.facebook.com/groups/552564372094989/), Justice for Hannah (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1101086056894094/), and Justice for Hannah! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1522322807928543/). Fight for Hannah is run by a Black Lives Matter activist that we have been chatting with quite a bit, she seems like a real person that is really interested in seeking justice for Hannah Fizer, she is not in Missouri, her father was recently photographed with Jesse Jackson in Minneapolis, and most importantly she promises not to censor anyone. Justice for Hannah was created by a local woman in Missouri and she has since added the founder of Fight for Hannah as an admin. Justice for Hannah! seems like a legitimate group despite the duplicate name, it is run by a trio of ladies in Missouri, and most importantly they say "If you have ideas, new information, conspiracy theories...anything that might lead us to Hannah's murderer feel free to post!"

We recommend joining those groups instead of Don Hockaday's group and encouraging members of Hockaday's group to leave his group so that when people search for groups about Hannah that Hockaday's group does not show up first with the largest number of members. People see that he has the most members and automatically think that his group must be a legitimate group. We are only members of that group for the limited purpose of seeing what they are up to and posting under circumstances when we think we might get some good information before our posts are removed.

Offer to Remove Information

We are willing to remove the names and personal information pertaining to moderators if they just stop being admins/moderators or convince Don Hockaday to stop censoring the group. We don't really care if they stay in the group we just don't want to see the kind of censorship that his been going on because it is counterproductive. As a result of the censorship instead of one big group working together there are a bunch of separate groups working on their own. We will remove Don Hockaday's info if he stops censoring the group and unblocks Cop Blaster. Since the biggest gripe from the group seems to be the posting of addresses we will agree not to post addresses or direct links to them if our membership is re-instated. Our main reason for this post is the fact that productive discussions have been disrupted and in some cases curtailed by unnecessary rules that we feel hinders the ability to find out who killed Hannah, so we would like to see the group rule against naming deputies you suspect replaced by something that permits naming deputies or groups you suspect of being involved as long as you back that up with at least a good solid statement explaining why you suspect that individual or group.

Also, we have seen no indications that any of these people have the types of enemies that would make them afraid of this information being out here.


We removed information pertaining to a former admin that quit the group, but our goal is not to drive people out of it. It is to improve its ability to be productive, so we would like to see that person rejoin just not as a moderator or admin.


We have changed the offer section because we think a compromise would be more productive.


Here is the real Petition on Change.org please sign it https://www.change.org/p/michael-l-parson-justice-for-hannah-fizer

UPDATE: We have removed information about multiple admins/moderators since it appears that they allow people to post links to articles naming the alleged shooter so long as that name is Jordan Schutte. We also removed Don Hockaday's address because even though he has not un-banned Cop Blaster, we like the fact that he lets people name the prime suspect now and his group has been doing a lot to help organize protests in Sedalia.

The new group that broke off from this one started censoring content the same way today. It appears that they are under duress. They support free speech and then do a 180 as soon as someone days something.

One of the original admins of this group has started her own group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/396720184645496/ because she finally had enough of Don Hockaday. We applaud her for her actions, she is the woman in the top right of the image on this page. We recommend that anyone seeking justice for Hannah Fizer join her Justice for Hannah Fizer group.

We removed all addresses from this post and all names except for that of Don Hockaday after we found out that they allow people to link to articles mentioning Jordan Schutte.

We would consider taking this down entirely or at least removing Don's name if he would be nice enough to unblock us.

Here is the name we believe to have been released by Hannah's father https://copblaster.com/blast/25835/did-pettis-county-deputy-jordan-schutte-shoot-hannah-fizer

Today Richie Marie posted "I'm aware there's another suspected deputies name going around, but if any of you have read the rules, you'd know that you're breaking the first one. So if anybody else posts or comments, it'll be deleted and you'll be muted for as long as we deem necessary." After Hannah's father released a name last night.

Then someone responded "I just don't get how you want justice, and when someone is named, you suppress that opinion? Help me understand this groups intentions better please."

To which Richie said "were not going to put a name out for the sake of the officers families. There were already threats to harm and kill family members of sheriff bond."

So, even after her dad names a name they care more about the officers families than justice for Hannah.

RickFlair58 Says:

Afterc a number of Request i put up a real Hannah group on Facebook we are really looking for JUSTICE FOR HANNAH https://www.facebook.com/groups/984287642016888/

RickFlair58 Says:

The Justice for Hannah facebook group ran by Heather Emery is Fake to. so avoid going there to. You forgot one person on your list of people who could of pull the trigger Don Hockaday cousin who he is protecting with his fake facebook group DAVID HOCKADAY has a history of pulling gun on people. also the SUV stands out like a sore thumb chrome center caps on wheels chrome around fender welds it wasn't there at big protest neither was david hockaday but all the other deputies were. Just some food for thought. Justice for Hannah petition on change.org is real

New screenshot from conversation with Hockaday posted on Facebook by a woman claiming to be related to Hannah Fizer shows Hockaday made an outrageous claim:

"only one person knows, and that is the Deputy involved !!" - Don Hockaday.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Kevin Bond knows, his captains know, other deputies know, anyone living with the shooter knows, every other deputy probably knows, and the District Attorney probably knows.


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