Portland Police North Precinct Liberated by Protesters

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449 NE Emerson St
Portland, Oregon 97211

The Portland Police North Precinct has long been stain on the corner of Northeast Emerson Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Last night when protesters managed to temporarily liberate the temple of tyranny and effectively shut it down. All the windows are now boarded up and when you Google the place you see the word "closed" in big red letters. Despite this major step in the right direction, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Chief Chuck Lovell were still able to find a few *boot-lickers to denounce progress today calling on protesters to go back to tactics that really don't change anything because they don't create a scenario in which changing is deemed easier by those in power than waiting out the storm.

Mr. Andy Ngo was nice enough to document improvements made to the building today and post it on YouTube (see video below). As you can see visitors are now more likely to find accurate information about the Portland Police Bureau when they visit. According to Mr. Ngo this new level of transparency is thanks to local Antifa volunteers.

Hopefully the Portland Police will someday learn from this, make improvements, and in time be thankful for the free education that they received. Earlier today we were talking about how the Sedalia Police Department dedicated a cornerstone of their new station to local Freemasons. Perhaps someday the Portland Police might add a cornerstone to the North Precinct dedicated to Antifa.

Four heroes were taken prisoner last night for a variety of reasons:

Joshua Shane Morris, 33, protecting the public from a peace officer, resist tyranny

Charles Randolph Comfort, 23, protecting the public from a peace officer, enhanced protesting, resisting tyranny, patriotic conduct II, educating a public safety officer

Olive Baldwin, 22-year-old, protecting the public from a peace officer, resisting tyranny, enhanced protesting

Tudela Jackson, 24-year-old, enhanced protesting, patriotic conduct II, resisting tyranny, protecting the public from a peace officer

*The media have identified some of the boot-lickers as follows:

Pastor Steven Holt

Tony Hopson

Jamaal Lane

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