Deputy lord Farquadd

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Set Up On:
By: Hoe
Category: Police - County
Current Vehicle Address:
Cache county sheriffs office
Logan, Utah 84335

Personally stalked and harrassed by Lord Farquadd himself. (Deputy douchebag Virgil Hutton) The shortest cop of them all. He was aggressive physically, mentally, emotionally, and disgustingly sexually. He obviously is too short to see boobies often cause he dove face (and hands) first into mine for 10 minutes straight during my "pat down".

Genuine quote by Mr. PuttinHutton; " there seems to be something hiding in your breast area? Can you identify to me what that is?"

.... A bra dip shit. Obviously hes never seen one.. Must be *this tall* to get laid deputy Hutton. Come back when you grow out of your booster seat.

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