Elias Fernley's Effort to Bury the Truth About Timothy McVeigh

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Set Up On:
Current Courthouse Location:
SW Third and Main
Portland, Oregon 97204
Proof of Government Cover Up:
Multnomah County Justice Center
Multnomah County Justice Center

Elias Fernley admitted that he tried to cover up the truth about Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh at the Multnomah County Detention Center in Portland, Oregon on July 22, 2017. The proof can be found government documents where he wrote, "On first check, I noted 4F13 Sullivan had a piece of paper in his window that read 'McVeigh should have parked here' I asked him to remove it which he did with a chuckle." The fact that Timothy McVeigh should have parked at the corner of SW Third and Main in downtown Portland instead of outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995 is a no brainer for anyone that compares both locations.

The Murrah Building was an inferior target because although it contained offices for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and Secret Service, it also contained a day care center and military recruiting offices. Now the DEA, ATF, and Secret Service were all fair game without which America would be a better place. The military recruiters though were probably just some young patriotic kids not far removed from high school that were trying to get 18 year old's to sign up to protect the county from foreign threats. No matter how better off America would be without the current government a military would always be needed. Then of course the day care center should have been enough for anyone to at least look for a building equally rich in deserving targets without a day care center. Obviously little kids have not lived long enough to do anything really wrong in their lives, so that right there should have had him at least looking for a substitute.

The corner of SW Third and Main in downtown Portland is the biggest center of oppression in the state of Oregon because Portland is the largest city in the state, and several hard targets are located there. On one side of Main Street is the Multnomah County Justice Center located at 1120 SW Third Avenue and on the other side of Main Street is the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse located at 1000 SW Third Avenue. Both targets would have probably been completely destroyed by McVeigh's bomb since they are high rise buildings is a small area as opposed to a large spread out office building like the Murrah. The upper levels of the Justice Center contains the headquarters of the Portland Police Bureau , the middle and lower levels contain MCDC which is staffed by a large number of Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) deputies, and on the first level are four courtrooms used by the Multnomah County Circuit Court for arraignments. The Hatfield Courthouse is home of the Portland Division of the United States District Court for the District of Oregon which has several federal judges, and the building also serves as the headquarters for the United States Marshals (USM) in Oregon. Across the park block sits the Multnomah County Courthouse at 1021 SW 4th Avenue which houses the bulk of the Multnomah County Circuit Court. McVeigh's bomb was not powerful enough to wipe out the county courthouse from across the park, but it still would have damaged it by shattering windows and possibly inflicting casualties with its shock wave and shrapnel. That could have had a long term positive impact on the integrity of the Circuit Court because if by chance shattered glass were to blind the judges, they would no longer be able to lie convincingly when they say that they have looked at all the evidence.

This author is not aware of any day care centers within the blast radius of McVeigh's device at the corner of SW Third and Main in Portland, Oregon, but a large number of innocent adults would have been killed because MCDC is home to hundreds of inmates. Fortunately, a large number of those inmates are sex offenders and snitches in protective custody, so no real loss there. The rest of the inmates probably would have understood what McVeigh was doing and although they would have preferred not to get blown up would not have hated McVeigh for it.


The corner of SW Third and Main in downtown Portland would have been a better parking spot for Timothy McVeigh on April 19, 1995. Deputy Fernley's censorship of the inmate was a pathetic attempt to cover up the truth about Oklahoma City Bombing at MCDC. Even if the inmate were wrong the inmate would still have had a right to his opinion, so Fernley was wrong to censor him.

UPDATE: After being questioned about this posting in court I realized that my real reason for saying that McVeigh should have parked there was that if MCDC had been destroyed in 1995 they would have had to build a new jail. Hopefully a new jail with cameras that record. Then they never would have been able to get away with breaking my arm and falsely accusing me of fighting them. Due to my bad experiences in those building they are both eyesores to me and I hate going downtown now. When I wrote this I wasn't trying to say that anyone should actually blow them up.

12/14/2019 - The Hatfield Courthouse wasn't even built until 1997 dumbass.
12/18/2019 - That does not change the fact that if McVeigh had destroyed the Justice Center it would not have been there in 2017 for me to get my arm broken in while being assaulted by deputies. It would have happened in a different jail and that I would then would have wanted McVeigh to park next to. So, even without the federal building across the street I still would have parked there if I were Tim McVeigh or if I had a time machine that I could use to go back in time and steal McVeigh's Ryder Truck despite the risk of the truck blowing me up while driving it to Oregon from Oklahoma.
12/19/2019 - Oh boy, I just found a book on Amazon about how to build a time machine!They're probably going to be watching all my purchases now to make sure I don't buy the book and if I do, make sure I'm not able to buy all the components.
1/9/2020 - LMAO!!! Just got a visit from probation asking me about this posting like they want to make sure I am not voicing intent to do anything to the building they work in. I explained that I was being sarcastic, thought it was funny that Fernley even put that in my notes, and that I have no intention of getting a time machine or blowing up the federal courthouse.

I also mentioned that one of my reasons for writing stuff like this sometimes is to see how closely they are watching me. Now I know that they really are reading everything I write here.
1/9/2020 - Ex-con talking about McVeigh and courthouses. Totally not creepy.
1/17/2020 - This post has been updated to reflect the main reason I posted the sign in my window on the first place. I thought that had that jail not existed they would have had to build a better one that hopefully would not be such an easy place to abuse inmates in. The judge, probation, and the prosecution seemed to take this posting pretty personally. That wasn't really intended. Ever since my problems with the feds began I've jokingly criticized would be bombers for not targeting this location. It is just a figure of speech to express my dissatisfaction with the government.

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