The River Shark: Deputy Todd Shanks Stalked Me Once

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Several years ago I got a call from a relative saying that Todd Shanks had left a message looking for me using a digital phone. Thinking that the Warrant Strike Team wouldn't bother itself with a misdemeanor warrant while real criminal were on the loose I posted something on a website of mine saying "Todd Shanks Stalking Relative in Portland, Oregon." At the time I had a real stalker, so I thought that she or a friend of hers was impersonating Deputy Shanks in order to trick me into turning myself in. Then when I found out that it really was him I turned myself in, got released on recog, and updated the post to say that, despite my suspicions to the contrary, the message turned out to be from one of the worst types of stalkers known to man, a police officer.

Then some weeks later Kevin Demer had the entire strike team go after me in an effort to shut me up and I didn't get out so quickly that time. When Detectives Paul Dolbey and Kevin Warren were interrogating me over the threatening email I sent they mentioned Deputy Shanks saying something to the like of "you have a problem with people and they end up on sites of yours all of a a certain Multnomah County deputy that had the audacity to do his job." Sounds like someone couldn't take a joke. My response to that accusation is that when someone prioritizes doing their job to me over others that should be a higher priority they most certainly will end up on a website of mine. Even if it was at the direction of a superior because Cop Blaster does not recognize the superior orders defense and will not support the banality of evil.

Now Deputy Shanks appears to be lurking the waters of the Willamette River as part of the Multnomah County Sheriff's River Patrol unit. Todd Michael Shanks phone number (503) 255-3600, which belongs to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, and listed MCSO in career details, so odds are the record in question is for the above mentioned individual.

This could be a coincidence but Shanks' first contact with me took place shortly after I posted a report about someone that lives in the same neighborhood. The report involved a complaint that the person had filed with the Oregon Department of Justice about the same website that inspired the person that took credit for initializing things with Shanks.

Oh, and why did he qualify for being listed as a cyber stalker. Technically anyone that pursues another person stealthily using digital means qualifies under the general terminology of the phrase, so by using a digital phone to contact family members in an effort to make unwanted contact with me qualified him for a listing on an anti-cyberstalking site. The posting was quite sarcastic however, so I still consider criticizing me for it inappropriate. If I were a cop, I would have laughed at the old posting and considered it proof of me doing my job. This post probably not so much.

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