Police Photoshopped Photo Lineup to Remove Tattoos Witnesses Forgot

Photoshopped Police Lineup
Photoshopped Police Lineup
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Portland Police Photoshopped a mugshot to remove the tattoos of a suspect from an old mugshot before putting it in a lineup full of random pictures and showing it to witnesses that did not remember seeing tattoos on the suspect when a series of bank robberies took place. This case was picked up by the feds and Assistant United States Attorney Paul Maloney is prosecuting the case and defending the actions of the police as if tampering with evidence using a computer were some sort of legitimate breakthrough in forensic science.

The case is going before U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez where this identification is being challenged. I would bet money that Hernandez upholds the lineup, gives the defendant (Tyrone Lamont Allen) a long sentence, and lets the Ninth Circuit figure this out while Allen waits in prison. I say this based on years of experience dealing with Judge Hernandez. Hernandez would rather err on the side of keeping a suspected bank robber in custody even if it means losing on appeal. A lot of district judges are like that. They will act as assistant prosecutors thinking their responsibility to keep criminals off the street supersedes their oath to uphold the Constitution and the law.

This story has gone viral apparently due to how ridiculous this is. The police getting reports of a bank robber whose tattoos can't be seen in low resolution surveillance footage and deciding to alter the suspect's mugshot to look more like the guy in the tape. This dude is covered with tattoos and nobody remembers seeing them? That could not be more important to the photo identification process.

Judge Marco Hernandez ruled in favor of this practice https://copblaster.com/blast/5428/cant-id-a-suspect-use-photoshop-to-make-him-look-like-the-guy

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