Lt. Rios and Kim Zamora Never Tried to Find Rapist Glasses

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Lt. M. Rios and Legal Assistant Kim Zamora never knew I was issued rapist glasses at FCI Sheridan before ending up at USP Victorville. The problem with that is that if they did any sort of investigation to back up their Tort Claim Investigation findings they would not have been able to say that there is no record of me ever being issued glasses. This just shows that the FTCA notices serve only as a formality to prison staff. They just deny them without investigation anything beyond the statements of staff. Had they simply searched my medical records for the word "glasses" they would have found that I came in wearing glasses and that I had been issued rapist glasses at FCI Sheridan in 2013.

It is also inappropriate to deny a claim that glasses were broken on the grounds that none were issued to the inmate. Most inmates wear their glasses from the real word because jail let people pass them to inmates. Those glasses are worth more than the rapist glasses issued by the BOP.

They are called rapist glasses or birth control glasses because they are ugly and make anyone wearing them look like the stereotypical sex offender. It is also well known in the prison system that sex offenders serving long sentences end up with issued pairs of rapist glasses because whatever they had when they came in is long gone and because they are sex offenders regular inmates do not want to do business with them, so they can't buy frames from other inmates. Some inmates even have a hustle where they get designer non-prescription glasses while in jail to sell once they get to prison and then inmate workers have ways to make the lenses fit.

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