Haralson County Magistrate Assists Animal Control in Stealing My Dogs

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On March 3, 2020 while I was out of town, Haralson County Deputies accompanied a Haralson County Animal Control Officer to my home and presented an order signed by Magistrate Judge Brandon Heath that stated my dogs were to be removed from their (my) home. This was supposedly due to being declared as dangerous/vicious. Along with adult dogs they removed a litter of puppies.

Upon return, I went to the Magistrate. While there I was tricked by the judge's clerk until a deputy arrived and arrested me. I was told the charge was "harassing communication" tho I've never seen a warrant. Upon release, I went to the Haralson County Sheriff Dept to obtain the warrant for which I'd been arrested.

instead I was arrested AGAIN. This time charged with "STALKING THE COURT". As stipulation of my bond, I can no longer contact Animal Control or Magistrate Court; making it impossible to pursue open records requests I submitted or any other aspects of this matter.

During all of this, HCAC Chief Officer, Phillip Carroll, backed to my barn in broad day light and dumped a freshly killed, bloody dog off. I was told it was in err, but can find NO understanding how that is done in err. (Its illegal for ANYONE to put a dead animal on property of another. Including anemployee of Animal Control!)

Another employee said my female & entire litter of pups were euthanized. This was a lie. Could that be motivation for taking them? Perhaps. Daniel Camp, ANOTHER employee of HCAC runs an illegitimate rescue out of his home. He "rescued" the litter. (9 x $150-$200). Mr Camp was present the day my dogs were taken.

3 days after taking them (remember, bc they were dangerous/vicious) each( except mother/pups were placed on the HCAC's FB page for adoption. Noted in their ads as being "sweet", "shy", "playful" etc..

None were vicious. None had ever bitten or even alluded to such.

They abused their positions/authority and ruined my life. I'll continue seeking justice, however, and maybe one day find it.

I love dogs. Anybody that would harm a dog like that has no heart.

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