Black Protester Thrown Down Stairs by Portland Police Officer

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A black protester was thrown down a flight of stairs by an unidentified Portland Police officer at a Black Lives Matter protest outside the Portland Center for Performing Arts earlier tonight. It was caught on camera and you can watch the video below this article. As you can see, the officer grabbed him, pulled him over towards the top of the stairs, and threw him down the stairs. The officer did not express the slightest bit of concern afterwards.

Throwing someone down a flight of stairs intentionally is a serious crime that is not protected by qualified immunity doctrine because throwing people down stairs is not a discretionary function, so if intent can be proven then this cop should go to jail. In some cases, intentionally throwing someone down the stairs is considered attempted murder ( There are of course other variables to consider such as how high the stairs are. After checking out the stairs on Google Earth, they don't look high enough to kill someone, but they certainly are high enough to risk serious injury like a broken arm or leg.

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