Did Jeremy Christian Escape, Shave His Head, and Change His Name?

Jeremy Christian or Justin Indiveri?
Jeremy Christian or Justin Indiveri?
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Did Jeremy Christian break out of jail, shave his head, and change his name to Justin Indiveri? I just read that this guy was at a protest full of Antifa saying stuff like "Say something when I'm walking away, and I will stab every one of you motherfuckers" on video just like Jeremy Christian. Then whose in jail as Jeremy Christian? Someone at the sheriffs office needs to do a DNA test or something.

LOL! They put a video of Christian who obviously looks nothing like this guy with this report and a link to that article. It looks like the allegation were similar but that is it. I actually know Jeremy Christian personally. I think whoever posted this may not have liked me sticking up for Jeremy on some things. People on the radical left around here like to single out anyone they think might be Jeremy's friend and harass the hell out of them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRM4-Y8StGs)

Yep I am right they don't even look similar. I work for an eye doctor you should get your eyes checked...

Wow... First off Justin Indiveri is actually from needed California after patrolling in 2018 he moved to AR... I know his family... I bet this Christian guy doesn't even look the same...

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