Rene Alexander Acosta: Poster Child for Poor Prosecutorial Priorities

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Former federal prosecutor and current Labor Secretary Rene Alexander Acosta has become the poster child of poor prosecutorial priorities for the slap on the wrist he gave billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago. Epstein was recently charged with more sex crimes against minors and probably would not have committed them had he gotten the life sentence he could have gotten when Acosta let him off with just a few months and probation.

As someone that received two years just for sending someone a threatening email this kind of stuff really pisses me off. A child molester got less time for running a child sex trafficking ring than I did for sending one email. Frequently while I was serving those two years I met people that were in prison for minor offenses (pot, tax evasion, etc.). Then I see this guy getting off so easy for something so much worse and doing it again.

What kind of priorities allocate significant time and resources towards people like me instead of people like him.

On a separate note Epstein was known to socialize with President Donald Trump. Epstein's current boss.

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