Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest: John Mandrafina, Ryan Hall & Scott Franklin

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Mandrafina and Hall Notes on Franklin:

Inmate Scott Joseph Franklin proved that all you need to do to get FBI Agents John Mandrafina and Ryan Hall to waste considerable time is send a bogus letter to the FCI Sheridan staff. The content of the letter was so ridiculous and the author so incredible that it should not have been worth their time at all.

In December of 2017 I was celled up with Franklin and he didn't want me as his celly, so he sent a letter to SIS Lieutenant Baine falsely accusing me of trying to hire him as a hitman to kill several people at an average price of about $200,000 a head. This at a time when I had had no income for several years due to imprisonment, was so broke that I was being represented by court appointed counsel, and had been granted in forma pauperis status by the District Court in pending civil matters. A quick check of my financial resource would have quickly shown that the I lacked the means to hire anyone as a hitman or pay half now and half later like Franklin claimed I offered. A little homework is all it wold take to see that such a statement could not possibly had been serious because I lacked the resources to make it serious. To be clear, I never tried to hire him to do anything and after you read the next paragraph you will know why I wouldn't hire an incompetent loser like Scott Franklin to do anything. If I were going to spend $200,000 on a hitman I would have hired a professional.

At the time of his bogus letter Scott Franklin was already being investigated by Mandrafina for possible criminal charges under 18 U.S.C. 875(c) for sending threatening communications to the Justice Department from the computer in the SHU law library. The evidence is overwhelming that Franklin and only Franklin could have sent that email on November 13, 2017 saying "im going to bomb your main office when I get out bitch. you let these c/o's GET AWAY WITH ABUSING INMATES IN THIS SHU AND THEY CONTINUE TO DO IT AND YOU DONT DO NOTHING TO STOP IT. SO WE'LL see when I get out bitch." That email was sent from the SHU law library at a time when Franklin was the only inmate in there, his presence by himself is documented by the logs maintained by the staff, he is on camera, and whoever sent that email was signed into Franklin's account, which requires thumbprint verification to login. At that point the FBI's case against Franklin was a slam dunk, Franklin had been informed by the staff that his status in SHU was "pending FBI investigation," and that his status was holding up his transfer. At that point Franklin was desperate to avoid another term and get transferred out of Sheridan for the six months or so left on his sentence. This was not his first time in prison. Franklin has been arrested at least 56 times since 1984. Those arrestes resulted in 8 different prison terms, mostly in Washington state facilities. His federal case was for mailing threatening communications in violation of 18 U.S.C. 876(c) to the federal courthouse in Spokane, Washington from a local jail after an inmate bet him a bag of coffee that he wouldn't do it, he never got the coffee. Two of his priors are for False Reporting in violation of RCW: 9A.84.040(2) and Making False Statements in violation of RCW: 9A.76.175.

So, why would the FBI ever consider working with a repeat false statement offender? What is it about me that was a better use of tax payers money than keeping someone locked up who just threatened to bomb the Justice Department while doing time for threatening to bomb a federal courthouse? Someone whose entire life is nothing but crime, drugs, more drugs, more crime, and more prison time. It could have been a policy of investigating all reports of threats to federal judges, officers, etc., but if that was the case, they could have ruled out anything he said with his record or my financial state. I suspect Assistant United States Attorney Greg Nyhus' witch hunt to have something to do with this. Greg Nyhus was desperate to find anything on me he could because he knew that his case was weak. I was about to seek pre-trial release due to lack of evidence to support the charges against me. I was accused of causing bodily injuries to people that never sought medical care or took pictures. A plot to kill him, the judge, and everybody else, even if it were impossible to pull off, would be gold to Nyhus. Nyhus did not care about the truth. He only cared about getting his man. That must be why Mandrafina and Hall wasted their time by coming to Sheridan, talking to Franklin, and then coming back to put a wire on him. He never got anything to support his claims because they were bogus. All Nyhus got was a way to get my pre-trial release denied as a danger to the community. At a pre-trial release hearing nothing has to be proven and hearsay is allowed, so whenever there is an allegation like this, true or not, it is used to keep the defendant in custody. As a result, I would not be released for another nine months, and that was after a new prosecutor offered me time served.

Now, what is a better use of our money? Is it keeping me in pre-trial detention for nine months because I run a website for complaining about law enforcement where I've aggregated a lot of publicly available information, or would it have been keeping someone locked up whose history suggests that upon release he would do nothing but get high and commit crimes to support his habit? Now here I sit, how was this not a complete waste of time?

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