Trump Supporters Face Intimidation from DA Following Call to Protest

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The moment of truth for Donald Trump's supporters might be at hand. Trump announced on "Truth" Social that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday and is urging his supporters to protest. He could urge them to do more. He could ask for their help protecting him from being arrested just like rancher Cliven Bundy and his family were protected in Bunkerville, Nevada back in 2014. Back then a group of militias including Oath Keepers and Three Percenters successfully deterred the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from kidnapping Bundy and murdering his cattle. All they had to do was show up with guns and take up defensive positions around the ranch. That was enough to keep heavily armed BLM agents off the property. If they really support Trump as much as they claim then why haven't they taken up defensive positions around Trump Tower to deter the NYPD?

How many times do police officers have to arrest people on the right before the right stops supporting police? How is it possible for people to be against government overreach and supportive of government agents responsible for enforcing overreaching policies? Make up your minds. You can't oppose government overreach while supporting police officers without being a hypocrite supportive of those most responsible for government overreach. The argument "I don't make the law I just enforce it" has no merit because without enforcement the law would be meaningless. Likewise, the only thing standing between Trump's supporters and the Capitol on January 6th were police officers. If the election really was stolen then why didn't the right denounce the Capitol Police as traitors supporting communists and take them out? That would have been a real insurrection but they didn't even fire a shot. You know something really wasn't an insurrection when the only shots fired were fired by the government.

The Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are especially in need of redemption at this time. Both groups have allowed their leaders to be captured by the feds without resisting at all. What kind of anti-government militias allow the government to kidnap their leaders without doing anything about it? What kind of militia leaders allow themselves to get captured without ordering their men to fire at will? What kind of militiamen don't fight when the government targets their people? Are these really anti-government militias or are they just protest groups who like to open carry?

Antifa can be just as bad when it comes to contradicting themselves. Shortly after George Floyd was killed we noticed government witnesses leading anti-police demonstrations. People who'd testified for prosecutors just weeks earlier speaking outside police stations with bull horns calling the cops racist. At least one of them returned to the stand during the protests to put an alleged white supremacist away for life. Despite being a government snitch, that person gained clout among Antifa because they cared more about fighting racism than fighting the police. In one case all it took was one angry right-winger with a paintball gun to turn several Antifas into state witnesses. This is where we start having serious differences with Antifa. Part of this is because we know and advocate for racist convicts whose lives matter just as much as anyone else's. Many of them get over-prosecuted and sentenced excessively because of their beliefs. We do not support efforts by Antifa and Black Lives Matter to make snitching socially acceptable as long as you're only snitching on racists.

It seems the far-right and far-left are both too easily satisfied. Elect a far-right candidate and the left flips out until a leftist gets elected, but once their she/him is in office they stop fighting. Elect a far-left candidate and the right flips out until a right winger gets elected, but once their man is in office they stop fighting. Neither group it seems has the desire or determination necessary to take our nation back or make America great again.

In order for our nation to be great we cannot allow citizens to be arrested for stupid harmless activities. Harmless activities like paying a prostitute to do nothing. It seems the case Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is preparing to spring on Trump includes charges for paying Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut about their relationship. Stormy Daniels is a notorious prostitute best known for having sex on camera for money. Trump is merely accused of cheating on Melania with her in 2006, identifying their actions as a potential political liability in 2015, and paying Daniels six figures to stay quiet. Stormy Daniels basically won the lottery. She clearly has no problem getting paid to open her mouth so being paid just to keep it closed should be a welcome change for someone like her. All she had to do was sign the dotted line to get paid for doing nothing.

According to public records, Alvin Leonard Bragg Jr. is a 49 year old resident of New York City. He has been linked to an address on W. 119th street since 1992, but we are not posting the exact house number due to changing attitudes towards disclosing that information. In the past we would have probably posted his address as a punishment for implying that calls to protest Trump's arrest somehow constitutes intimidation because when a prosecutor says something like that it is likely to have a chilling effect on mostly peaceful protesters (see video below). In the event of protests at that location we will likely reconsider posting the house number but only because it would be the location of newsworthy events at that point and even then we probably wouldn't post it. We may also reconsider in the event that Bragg's office prosecutes people for protesting in opposition of Trump's arrest because we think his supporters have just much of a right to protest his arrest as anyone does to protest anything, but the keyword is "may" here. If you really want to find that address there are plenty of online background check websites willing to sell it to you.

This should be interesting because we fully expect the government to try and categorize pro-Trump protesters differently than Antifa or Black Lives Matter. In 2020 we noticed a number of cases in which the left would do one thing and the right would be accused of wrongdoing for doing the same thing.

A good example is doxxing. The left justifies doxxing right-wingers as warning the community about extremists. If right wingers dox Antifa they turn around and use it as an example to pass laws against doxxing and releasing mugshots to stop people like Andy Ngo from posting mugshots, names, and personal information about people arrested at George Floyd protests.

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