Wichita Officer Brock England Arrested for Molesting Child Under 12

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Wichita Police officer Brock England was arrested yesterday on charges of sexual abuse of a child under 12 years of age and lewd molestation. The arrest was based on a warrant out of Oklahoma where England resided before joining the WPD seven years ago. England was placed on administrative leave back in October when the WPD first learned of the investigation. What took the Oklahoma authorities so long to charge England remains unclear.

According to media reports, a probable cause affidavit says that England is accused of molesting several girls in Garfield County, Oklahoma as far back as 2011. The Sedgwick County Sheriffs Office is also investigating another case involving a 13 year old. Another assault allegedly took place while England was at the WPD academy. England has also worked for the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma.

According to public records, Brock Lynn England is a 32 year old resident of Wichita, Kansas and a former resident of Bison, Oklahoma where he registered to vote as a Republican in 2008. His most recent address history includes apartments on 1st Street and Maize Road in Wichita, but we are not sure which if either is current or not.

England is the second WPD officer to be featured on Cop Blaster in as many weeks. A fellow officer with links to a III% group was arrested last week for drunk driving and received a hilarious mugshot (https://copblaster.com/blast/49984/wichita-police-officer-chad-spain-receives-red-rocket-dui-mugshot).

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