Kirstin Hart the snitch

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kirdybirdy22 Says:

I am Kirsten Hart. One spell my fuckin name right. It has been known and is on record the person Zane Rose whos sister we all know Reagan Rose a known snitch on the tattle tellers of America sight where she is on recording telling on her own boyfriend. Zane or Zanerz is mad I wont sleep with him or date him and neither will my sister. This man is a predator he has been consistently drugging my sister Ashlee Ranvek with Lithium. Its very sad. Zane was arrested on a 1st degree he served maybe a month in jail and got probation. He is now in the discovery of doe boy of Rochester and shake by doing controlled buy on them as well as his sister doing buys on my boyfriend Tyler Batson. Sorry I wont fuck you Zane. Too bad you go to this length.

That is the worst description I have ever seen. Write a real story, c'mon man.

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