Cleveland Police Officer Jessica Ortiz Suspended for Racial Slurs

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It might surprise you to learn that Cleveland Police Officer Jessica Ortiz was suspended for uttering racial slurs towards black people while drunk at a pizzeria , but that is no surprise to anyone that has done prison time. In prison this author was surprised to learn that the Mexicans hate blacks more than the skinheads do. This author found that out at FCI Sheridan while celled up with a South Sider that would constantly use the n-word when referring to black inmates. We might be jumping the gun however on the ethnicity of Ortiz because although most people in the United States named Ortiz are latino, the name Ortiz is technically a Spanish name, so she could be a Spaniard or a direct descendent of Spaniards for all we know, she might not be a person of color, and our efforts to find a picture of her have ended with what appears to be a stock photo of a latino model.

According to I Heart Radio, Ortiz was spotted stumbling around drunk outside Nunzio's Pizzeria, told concerned patrons "I can do whatever I want, I'm a cop," picked up her pizza, puked into the pizza box, stumbled outside, called a black man the n-word, and was trying to force her way into a vehicle when her friend pulled her away, she drove off, ran a red light, and nearly hit a utility pole. She wrote that she just got into an argument while picking up her pizza, wrote down her name/badge number, and left. Witnesses say that she provided the badge number when an employee threatened to call the police. The incident took place in 2018. She was finally suspended for it this week. The suspension will last for 30 days.

In an effort to find a photo of Officer Ortiz we went first to Google Images where we found only one image result for "Jessica Ortiz Cleveland Police" that contained a female in uniform. Problem is that image is obviously a stock photo of a latino female model wearing a police uniform. We found it on the I Heart Radio website (see source link above article). It has all the markings of a stock photo. Markings like no name on the nametag, no agency name on the badge, the logos on the arms are cut off so they look like they could be from anywhere, and the focus/lighting are perfect. Surely most people can see the irony of I Heart Radio using a stock image of someone of the same ethnic group that they think they are, wearing a police uniform, when they can't find a real picture of the officer that was suspended for racist behavior. The article was written by Kelton Brooks whom will be reaching out to for comment on this.

UPDATE: Upon further review we are certain that Cleveland Police badges look nothing like the badge worn by the model in the stock photo. You can see a group of CPD officers wearing badges at that same article has plenty of pictures of CPD officers wearing uniforms that look nothing like the one worn by the model.

A photographer messaged us on Twitter saying that he also thinks it is a stock photo.

Google Image searches for Cleveland Police Badge and Cleveland Police Uniform produce results that look nothing like the uniform or badge in the picture.

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