Help Identify the Cowardly Cops of Uvalde, Texas

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Do you think that police officers should be called out by name when they choose following orders over saving school children? We think they should be, but we lack the time and resources at the moment to figure out exactly which Uvalde officers are the cowards described by 4th grade teacher Arnulfo Reyes in the video embedded below the body of this post.

We also lack the time and resources to figure out which of the 200 plus names on the list we were given belong to Uvalde Police Department (UPD) personnel. If you feel like taking it upon yourself to figure out which people that were on the Uvalde payroll in 2020 are still employed today and which of those employees are UPD personnel then we recommend that you locate the link above the map on this page which says "List of Uvalde City Employees" and click on it.

We thought about doing a copy paste and then giving every current or former city employee the opportunity to remove their name if they provided proof that they are not and have never been a member of the Uvalde Police Department. However, we determined that people on that list likely knew some of the kids killed and don't want to subject them to further anxiety for the sake of criticizing a small percentage of those listed.

We debated posting the link for the same reasons outlined in the last paragraph, but concluded that if done properly it could be presented to people as a potential research tool without us having to post any names. If you have a problem with the content on the linked page we recommend complaining to the other website. We believe in the free flow of government data, accountability, and free speech. To those ends we support the publication of government payrolls and other open source intelligence tools.

Finally, we think that if anyone intended to use open source intelligence tools for the purpose of harming the officers involved that they would have done so by now. In the event that you do identify an officer by name we ask that you restrain yourself and limit your response to criticism protected by the First Amendment.

UPDATE: The first names on the list identified as a members of the UPD are Adrian and Ruby Gonzalez. We matched those names with information promoting them as school police officers ( One of the first things that pops up on Google for Ruby Gonzalez is a Google Earth image on Virtual Globetrotting. Cops are notoriously bad at protecting their personal information, but rarely are they as bad at it as Ruby Gonzalez appears to be. Adrian Gonzalez had SWAT training ( Remember that just because they are school police does not mean they were working that day, but they probably know who was.

More coming soon.

If they don't like being named on this site we might be willing to remove them if they provide us with full unredacted copies of all police reports related to the shooting at Robb Elementary School unless those reports show that they engaged in misconduct or otherwise fell short of what a reasonable public expects of officers.

Is it hypocritical to support abolishing the police while criticizing them for not doing their job?

Not in cases like this. Police earn the privilege to abuse the public by doing jobs others do not want to do. If they do not do those jobs then there is no reason to cut them any slack.

A police officer is like that guy at your office who is so indispensable to the company that he can get away with showing up drunk. The day he ceases to be indispensable is the day he gets fired for being drunk at work.

Every society has people whose job it is to deal with homicidal maniacs. If the police are abolished then someone else will step up.

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