Officer Frank Castro-Ramirez Arrested for Raping Stepdaughter

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Clifton Police officer Frank Castro-Ramirez also known as Frank Sugar Castro was arrested Thursday for raping his teenage stepdaughter multiple times over an extended time period. He is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a person between the ages of 13 and 16, sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child with sexual contact, and aggravated criminal sexual contact. He is currently housed at the main Passaic County jail facility with a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. The Clifton Police Department has suspended him without pay.

According to media reports, police alleged in an affidavit that Castro-Ramirez sexually assaulted his stepdaughter at her home on multiple occasions. The victim told the police that the abuse began in May of 2019 when she was 14 years old. She said the assaults began with kissing, but he eventually physically forced her into sex. The abuse finally stopped in April when she cut off contact with him. When speaking to investigators she described a tattoo near his groin.

According to public records, Frank Sugar Castro-Ramirez is a 39 year old resident of Clifton, New Jersey last known to reside at ***REDACTED***. We normally exempt home addresses of cops from being posted on this site, but we make exceptions when we think doing so improves public safety. In this case we want parents to know where not to let their daughters go and for their daughters to know where not to go. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose.

UPDATE: We received an email from someone saying that he no longer resides at the address we originally listed in this article. She told us that he is now at the Bergen County Jail. We verified that and updated the address with that location. We also redacted his last known residence from this article because that person said that his victim still lives there. We normally don't remove addresses of officers arrested in cases like this one because they usually make bail eventually, but we doubt that he would be returning to his old residence due to his victim being there and we certainly don't want to make this matter any worse for her than it already is.

We received a message from one of the victim's relatives in response to an inquiry we sent after redacting Frank's last known address. Her comments included the following:

"We are hoping he will have to stay incarcerated until his trial. He has military, he was a marine. I'm assuming he will also be dishonorably discharged.

I wish I could tell you more. We weren't particularly close with them ... No substance abuse that I know of ... Nothing stood out to me but I just always got a weird vibe from him.. not this kind of disgusting shit but just weird. As far as I know there were no warning signs but the family was questioned by the prosecutors office and I'm sure there is more information that will come out if any of them had any idea."

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