George Terwilliger LOVES Spying On People And Stealing money!

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Category: Prosecutors - Federal
Current Crime Scene Address:
714 Potomac St

George Zachary Terwilliger Sued Edward snowden and took all of his 5.9 million dollars in profits and not only that but had the balls to have JUSTIFIED it!

George Zachary terwilliger also harassed chelsea manning for simply not answering questions as she has the RIGHT to do given by the fifth ammendment.

He believes that governments should surveil their citizens and said that the paris bombing could've been prevented if the government were to surveil their citizens more.

Has 920 GB of Child Pornography on his laptop (ADMITTED TO IT ON CAMERA)

His current employers are Vinson and Elkins LLP

His last known addresses were:

2717 Sycamore St, Alexandria, Virginia 22305

714 Potomac St, Alexandria, VA 22314

His work Phone:


His wifes last known personal number was:

(757) 812-2810

His last known personal number was:

(703) 472-3461

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