Little Rock Officer Alexander Sanders Arrested for Sexual Assault

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Little Rock Police officer Alexander Sanders was arrested for sexual assault today following a months long investigation that began on January 5th when a woman reported that Sanders had sexually assaulted her on January 1st. Sanders was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation on January 7th. He is currently being held at the Pulaski County Detention Center, but will likely be released on bail in the near future.

Media reports lack specific details, but the charges seem to suggest that Sanders sexually assaulted a detainee or an incapacitated person. One story (see "more info" link above map) mentions that Arkansas law describes second degree sexual assault as sexual contact with another person by "forcible compulsion" or with a person incapable of consent due to being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated. When an officer has sex with a detainee, even if the detainee agrees to it, that act is considered sexual assault because a person in custody is legally incapable of consent. Another possibility is that Sanders was off duty and the victim had been incapacitated during New Years celebrations. The last possibility is that Sanders forcibly raped the victim. We cannot say for sure what happened at this time, but the media's focus on methods of sexual assault besides traditional rape suggests that this case probably involves one of those methods.

According to public records, Alexander Louis Sanders is a 25 year old resident of North Little Rock, Arkansas last known to reside at 2004 North Hills Ct. We are making that information publicly available to warn the public about a potentially dangerous sexual predator at that location. We normally censor home addresses of police officers, but we make exceptions when we think posting them improves public safety such as cases involving sex crimes. We ask that you not do anything unlawful with this information.

Briskogg Says:

I'm being framed by law enforcement agencies here in little rock Arkansas. They have locked me up for things I didn't do, they get me fired from every job and they illegally took my son. I need help, I don't have money to pay for investigation due to me not being able to do anything cause they follow and call eveywher I go. Please help my name is Kristopher sesley. They are doing this due to information I have on a drug dealer that's employed by law enforcement.

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