Victim's Family Hopes Zack King, Levi White and Thell Riddle "Burn"

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Crawford County Sheriffs Deputies Zack King, Levi White and Mulberry Police Officer Thell Riddle have been widely identified by now as the Arkansas officers caught on camera beating an unarmed black man and smashing his head into the pavement. All three officers have been suspended and the feds have launched a civil rights investigation.

As the legal experts in the video below say, just because the victim in this case, Randal Worcester, may have assaulted the officers earlier, that doesn't justify beating him up after he is on the ground and helpless. This video hits close to home due to the founder of Cop Blaster winning a lawsuit against the United States last year ( That lawsuit was in response to similar treatment from federal officers employed by the Bureau of Prisons. That incident began with the theft of pens by SHU staff at USP Victorville. The victim of the theft responded by elbowing one of the officers in the face. After the victim was taken to the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back, officers punched him in the head repeatedly and left him in bone tight restraints for the next shift to find. The initial elbow justified taking him to the ground, but not the rest of it. The same is true in this case. Even if Worcester had just killed an officer that still wouldn't justify punching him, kicking him, or slamming his head into the ground after he was incapacitated.

The victim's step father, Eric Wedding, told the media, "I hope they burn." His feeling are absolutely 100% completely justified. We just hope for his sake nobody actually sets the officers or any of their property on fire. We were already working on this article when we learned of the quote, so we used it to make the title better. We are not trying to get anyone or anything set on fire.

This article is a work in progress with more coming soon. For now we are publishing what we have to make sure that the personal identifying information of these officers gets out there and stays out there. We ask that nobody take the victim's family's wish that they "burn" literally. We do not wish for any physical harm to befall these officers. The intention here is to deter other officers from doing the same thing by making it known that if they get caught they'll have to deal with their information being posted. We also consider them dangers to the community that their neighbors would probably want to know about. On top of that we always hope that someone might use this information to peacefully picket them.

We did a background check on these guys and found the following information in public records:



MULBERRY, AR 72947-8918

BORN: MAR-1971


We have matched the address history of this Thell Riddle with the known career path of Mulberry Police Officer Thell Riddle. Officer Riddle used to be the Chief of Police in Gans, Oklahoma. This Thell Riddle had a post office there at the same time, but appears to have been living across the border in Arkansas. Riddle is a registered Democrat.



GREENWOOD, AR 72936-6839

BORN: DEC-1990


There are not many people named Levi Garrett White and we could find only one in the state of Arkansas who just happens to live in the next county. Probably not a coincidence. White is a registered Republican.


408 W 9TH ST

MULBERRY, AR 72947-8929

BORN: NOV-1995

The CCSO has already accused people of sharing the address of the wrong Zack King on social media. There is a good possibility of that being the case due to there being several guys named Zack King and some outlets falsely spelled his first name as Zach which doubled the pool of likely candidates. We believe we figured out which Zack King is the right one by first figuring out his middle initial. To do that we went to a website called GovSalaries and found a single listing for a CCSO deputy named Zackary T. King ( We then ran a background check to find one Zackary T. King in Arkansas. There were two results only one of whom is currently listed as living in the state of Arkansas. There is a remote possibility that Deputy King had his information removed from the database, but we rarely encounter cases of beat cops being smart enough to do that. Usually, we only see that with federal judges, prosecutors, and agents, but rarely with others. We are confident that this Zack King is probably the same person.

These officers have been arrested. Learn more at

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