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Computer monitoring software from IPPC Technologies known as Impulse Control was exposed in court when a computer expert testified in the defense of CopBlaster.com founder Cyrus Sullivan. Sullivan's defense to the violation of failure to participate in computer monitoring was that he did participate until participation was no longer reasonable due to impact on performance caused by Impulse Control computer monitoring software from IPPC Technologies. Sullivan lost that defense on the grounds that the participation requirement required continued participation regardless of the cost.

As part of this challenge Sullivan's lawyer (Tiffany Harris) retained the help of computer expert Josiah Roloff of Roloff Digital Forensics (http://www.roloffdf.com/). Roloff testified that according to documents turned over by IPPC during the discover process that Sullivan was not alone in the problem he experienced. Other users also had problems with IPPC hogging 50-90% of the CPU at times and experienced the Blue Screen of Death. If you are using a Windows desktop then you have probably seen the Blue Screen of Death telling you that the computer had to shut down to avoid being damaged.

Roloff also explained that using safe mode to turn off Impulse Control can be done by just about anyone that has used safe mode to troubleshoot a problem before. It was clear that Sullivan did not violate his supervision by uninstalling the software as probation claimed, but judge Marco Hernandez still found him guilty just the same even though technically he complied with the condition to allow installation of the software and he never uninstalled it. He just turned it off for performance reasons. The next year Hernandez recused himself from the case.

Another common name used by this business is NCPTC Monitoring and I would have mentioned it sooner but I just noticed the impressions that a pdf on this site gets and I just realized that by adding it to the body of a page the impression count would probably increase.

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