Ex-NYPD Officer John Bruzzese: Not Too Disabled to Ride Roller Coaster

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Ex- NYPD Officer John Bruzzese
Ex- NYPD Officer John Bruzzese

Got an email last night about John Bruzzese, a former NYPD Officer caught riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens despite retiring years ago due to extreme pain. He still collects a pension as being disabled. Normally, Cop Blaster won't publish emails received through the contact us form and will insist that people register and post it themselves. However, since this is a public case documented in the media and it is really funny, an exception can be made.

The email received last night was as follows:

Subject: "Epitome of a Corrupt NYPD IAB Lt."


"A retired NYPD Internal Affairs Lt, with 17 years on the force, used his position and knowledge of the system to defraud the NYC Police Pension Fund, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Medicare of hundreds of thousands of City, State and Federal funds. John D. Bruzzese is the epitome of a corrupt cop. His fraud was exposed a month ago and justice has yet to be served. John D. Bruzzese has not been arrested and he is still receiving his $14,000 a month tax free pension and SSDI payments. John D. Bruzzese spent his 17 years with the NYPD abusing his power against the public he swore to protect."

His application for disability does not sound like someone capable of riding a roller coaster "I cannot work. I have difficulty carrying (stuff) things, physical labor causes me great pain. I can't play sports anymore, I can't stand or sit for long periods of time, I can't bend over without great pain, I can’t carry my children. I don’t play any sports...At times I have someone help me put on, take off and tie my shoes. I bathe myself but don’t wash lower legs with the wash cloth."

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