Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center (NWRRC) Halfway House Vehicles

Blast Zone No. 87 - 0 Comments
Set Up On:
Current Vehicle Address:
6000 NE 80th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97218

Vehicles driven by the field monitors at the Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center Halfway House are mostly white cars and trucks. If I recall correctly, and this was in 2014. Whatever they are driving now can be found in the parking lot, probably where they were 3 years ago. If you are imprisoned there you might want to scope out the parking lot and keep an eye out for them while you are out on passes. If you know someone imprisoned there then you might want to give them this advice.

I did write down several of the license plate numbers while I was imprisoned there, but seem to have lost them. If I find them I will add them later.

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