Oregon US Probation Chief Willie Blasher Jr. Commands an Army of Liars

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No matter what Oregon U.S. Probation officer lies about me or anyone else they all have one thing in common. Willie Blasher Jr.'s name is on the paperwork. Blasher is a former University of Oregon linebacker and is currently the Chief of United States Probation in Oregon. He commands an army of liars whose job it is to pick and choose their accusations based not on truth, but what is most likely to give them an argument that they might have cause to allege something. It doesn't even matter if you confront them with video evidence, they will choose to believe the words of police, prosecutors, and witnesses as if they were the words of god.

It is like Blasher himself came down from the mountain top and said "thou shalt not question thy fellow officer" or maybe he just said "thou shalt lie." Either way the effect is the same. Then even if they can't come up with a lie they will try to apply truths to rules inappropriately. For instance you might have a release condition that says one thing and find yourself facing a judge charged with a violation for conduct not prohibited by any or your conditions at all. They try to read things into them that they want and haul you to court if you stand up for your rights.

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