EX-P.O. Joni Eisenbrandt Ignored Video Evidence When Writing PSR

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Joni Eisenbrandt

Retired US Probation Officer Joni Eisenbrandt ignored conclusive video evidence and submitted false information to the District Court in my case. She was in charge of writing the Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSR) and part of that job is to get the facts straight. Joni Eisenbrandt did not do that job correctly. Instead she chose to rely on other evidence in the case that was inaccurate and disproved by the surveillance tape. She justified this by saying that her conclusions were based on information obtained from police reports and witnesses. Well, the problem with that is that witnesses often get things wrong and that is why if there is a video of the incident then the video is the most reliable piece of evidence.

It seems Ms. Eisenbrandt was more concerned about making me look as bad as she could even if that meant she had to selectively include only the worst evidence in her report and not the truth. As my lawyer made clear in the documents I uploaded "Mr. Sullivan denies the accuracy of the statements attributed to him in this paragraph. Further, the description of the altercation is not consistent with the video."

I will try to get the video, but my former lawyer is now a judge and much more difficult to get a hold of. Maybe I'll have to go downtown and heckle him one day.

Joni also falsely labeled a list of names a "hit list" even though "hit list" was nowhere on the document. It was a list of research subjects for a project that became this website. The list was illegally obtained during my previous case when staff at the Columbia County Jail read my legal paperwork in violation of the Sixth Amendment. By the time I heard of the alleged "hit list" I had already waived pre-trial motions in the case as part of my plea, so I could not challenge the admissibility of the list at sentencing.

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