Edie Frolichman Says Threats and Fake 911 Calls Are Reasonable

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Edie Frolichman Defines Reasonableness:

In 2013 Edie Frolichman said that it is reasonable for a person to send someone threats and make bogus 911 calls falsely stating that they are being held at gunpoint in someone's home. This after the person in question was unable to disprove an accusation posted on a website and the owner would not remove it. Under such circumstances, according to Edie Frolichman, it is reasonable for a person to send the owner of the website threats and cause the police to respond in force to a fake hostage situation at their home. So, I guess I can expect Edie Frolichman to send me threats, post a bunch of creepy videos on YouTube, and make a frantic call for help falsely accusing me of holder her hostage in the near future because I am not taking her off of this website.

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