Did Pettis County Deputy Jordan Schutte Shoot Hannah Fizer?

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Multiple sources just contacted us within the hour saying that Hannah Fizer's father named Pettis County Sheriff's Deputy Jordan Schutte as the killer on his Facebook page, but we have not been able to confirm this. Several people have messaged us on Facebook or left messages on our Google Voice saying this. The first said that it was posted on the "sign the petition" Facebook group but taken down by the admins. The second said it was posted on Hannah's father's Facebook page but taken down by him. We are still trying to get confirmation as to this recent development.

Someone posted a copy of what he said was Hannah's father's post on Don Hockaday's group but it was quickly taken down because Don does not allow people to post names of deputies they suspect of being the shooter. That message said that Hannah's father's post read:'

Got his name finally...Now I just need to know WHY?

The name came from a very reliable source, and if he, or she, wishes to put themselves out there, that's fine with me, but I wont. But you cannot get any closer than 99.9 % sure. So I'm going with it; and if it isn't the right cop, then I apologize in advance, and Pettis County can come forward and once again protect their man by saying this isn't the guy, otherwise we can take it to the full 100% that this IS the officer that murdered my beautiful child; my only biological seed, that will never bare me grandchildren, as the last of my DNA lies dead in a cold grave.

Officer Jordan Schutte, you killed more than one person that night, I just want you to know that. You crushed me and that beautiful girls mother, brother, boyfriend and best friend, and several others. Our lives will never be the same again.

You made a horrible mistake that night, one that can never be undone. And there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for you putting ONE, letalone FIVE slugs into my precious little harmless, 140 pound beautiful baby girl.

But your name is out there now. Your buddies did a good job hiding you for awhile; longer than I would have expected actually, for such a high profile case as this, but now we know who you are. And if for some crazy chance it's not you, then we will see how long it takes for them to clean your name up. But I have a feeling we wont be hearing from them.

So with that, that's all I have to say for now. You'll have your day in court just like I always did. And, like you, I was guilty, and justice was served...


Again, we are trying to confirm this. One of them sent us a picture of a Jordan Schutte on Facebook. We found an image on that profile posted by a Jordan Schutte. It is the kind of image that has been getting deputies fired in other jurisdictions recently, so even if he is not the shooter there is an issue here because people are really sensitive about confederate flags right now, but that image has been replaced with a Google Earth image that might show Schutte cutting his grass. We are also having doubts as to whether or not that Jordan Schutte profile is the same Schutte that worked for Pettis County as far back as at least 10 years ago. Public records list two Jordan Schutte's in the state of Missouri in the Sedalia area. One is listed as being 35 and living in Sedalia. The other is listed as being 24 and from Mexico, Missouri. The Facebook profile that picture is from lists Mexico, Missouri as his home town, so we are leaving the Facebook URL out of this post and abstaining from adding a facial close up for now until we make sure it is the right Jordan Schutte.


Hannah's Dad just posted a message on Facebook saying he jumped the gun, so we believe the above transcription to be genuine. Hannah's dad's latest post reads:

I'm so beside myself, that if I'm not careful I will lose myself in this. I jump the gun. I shouldn't have posted that. I have lawyers that tell me to just stay calm and let them WORK. It's just so hard for me not to take off like a mad man pursuing this issue. And the very thought of this man getting away with this, with cop immunity, just makes me plum sick.

So I apologize for jumping the gun. I need to just chill and let justice work, as I pray it will. I let my pain and hurt finally turn into anger, the one thing I was trying so hard not to let happen. And when I got his name, I just flipped. I'm better than that, and I apologize.

I'm just sick over this, and I miss my daughter so much that I can't even imagine life without her, and she's only been gone a short while.

So once again, thank you ALL for all your love and support. You people have been so good. You have paid probably half of this funeral bill already. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. The love and support has flooded us. Hannah would be so proud of all of you, because your hearts have proven to be as good as her's. Love and appreciate each and every one of you. God bless...


From GovSalaries:

Full Name: Jordan Daniel Schutte

Job Title: N/A

State: Missouri

Employer: Pettis County

Annual Wage: $31,096

Monthly Wage: $2,591

Someone sent us the phone number (660) 281-2872 and we checked public records, Jordan Schutte is listed at that number. That tipster also gave us the email address nancyaschutte[at]gmail.com but we did not want to post it at first due to it obviously being a family member's name, but after looking at the results of his background check again we saw that email address listed, so that supports the position of the tipster that it is a shared email address. Other email addresses possibly linked to him include jordans[at]flash.net and sjr1012000[at]yahoo.com

UPDATE: Someone sent a tip saying that you can actually see Schutte cutting the law on Google Earth at the same address that he is listed at in public records. Just type 1002 S KENTUCKY AVE, SEDALIA, MO 65301 into Google Maps and select the street image. The image from the front of the house shows this heavy set fellow mowing the lawn, but the face is blurred out. Is this Jordan Schutte, some other member of the Schutte family, or hired help?

UPDATE: Someone managed to get a better angle from Google Earth somehow. Probably from a different house in the area or something. It looks like a different image and has been to this one over the lawnmower.

UPDATE: We believe that we now have a picture of Jordan Schutte. Someone contacted us with a family photo that they said was found on his mother in law's Facebook page. We identified one of the women in the photo as being directly related to his wife. Then we cropped them out of the image. We then compared his photo to the 2011 Pettis County Sheriff's Office group photo which features someone that looks strikingly similar. Another source had already told us that the people wearing black in the group photos are jailers. Jordan Schutte was listed in the 2010 (https://copblaster.com/uploads/files/pettis-county-financial-statement-2010.pdf) and 2011 (https://issuu.com/sedaliademocrat/docs/name614494) Pettis County Financial Statements under the heading "JAIL." Small town departments often shuffle deputies between jail and patrol duties. Other sources have told us that Schutte was last known to be working patrol duties. So, if the name released by Hannah Fizer's father is in fact Jordan Schutte and he was right (he later took it down saying he may have "jumped the gun") then we are fairly certain that this is in fact his picture.

Got a Google alert recently about a lawsuit filed by Hannah's dad against Deputy Schutte. Finally the mainstream media is saying his name.

Deputy Jordan Schutte was reinstated earlier this month.

We have noticed that people from the mid-west, Texas, and other bible belt areas tend to frown on naming names unless people are absolutely 100% sure and even after that they get mad saying that even naming a name when 100% sure has collateral consequences for that person's family. Collateral damage does happen in cases like this, but they really need to put the blame where it belongs when people do anything to someone based on the conduct of their relative, on them, not on the person that informed the public about what their relative did. If you are someone that is going to harass someone because their relative did something really messed up shame on you.

People have been sharing a really cool meme based on the image on this page that says "Will you help make me famous? I am Pettis County Deputy Jordan Schutte. I shot an unarmed woman 5 times in her car and then skipped town while the department hid my identity" (ex: https://www.facebook.com/groups/552564372094989/permalink/565087350842691/).

It was originally posted by Hannah's brother but he later took it down. A member of the family told us that he just did not want to post it again until it is 100% confirmed. That echo's what her father said right after naming Schutte and saying he was 99.9% sure. We think they just don't want to piss off law enforcement while the investigation is pending or they are afraid of retaliation from the PCSO.

Looks like Schutte's wife took his name off her Facebook profile and is going by her maiden name now https://www.facebook.com/groups/552564372094989/permalink/564132540938172/

We were sent a link to Jordan Schutte's father's obituary. He was a cop also https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/22296264/denny-a_-schutte

There are more people with information but they are scared and with good reason. That is why we are not posting some things we have been given because we feel it would endanger people in that area. The nature of what we have heard sound like a bad made for cable TV movie or some creepy true crime conspiracy theory show.

One of our reasons for re-posting what we believe to be Hannah's father's statement is because we think he might have retracted it not out of fear of "jumping the gun" but out of fear of the Sheriff's department.

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