Long Beach Police Officer Anthony Mark Brown Arrested on Duty

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Long Beach Police Officer Anthony Mark Brown was arrested while on duty Wednesday for possession of child pornography. He was booked into the Signal Hill Jail and his bail was set at $20,000. Police say that his arrest is the result of a tip they received back in May regarding a possible crime against a child, but they have not explained why it took them over 8 months to do something about it. That delay is typical whenever a police officer is accused of wrongdoing. The report goes into a file somewhere and eventually they get around to looking at it. In situations where a civilian would be investigated immediately, police officers have the luxury of bureaucratic delays. Acting Chief of Police Wally Hebeish admitted "Protecting children is one of our most sacred responsibilities," but failed to explain why his department fails to prioritize protecting children when the accused is on of their own. Allegations of criminal activities by police officers should be investigated just as promptly as they would investigate the same accusations against a civilian.

Anthony Mark Brown was a 26 year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department (LBPD). He had been assigned to security duties at the Long Beach Airport. He was arrested at the Airport Police Facility. He has been suspended pending the outcome of the criminal case and an internal investigation. The police union says they will not assist Brown with his legal defense.

Police have not released a mugshot or image of Brown and the mainstream media has not published any pictures of Brown. For those reasons we could not find a picture of Brown. We tried looking him up on the Los Angeles County Jail website just in case he was transferred there, but their inmate search page always freezes when we enter a name. Then it showed us a captcha with directions to enter letters from an image, but there was no image. We tried using Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, but the user experience was the same for all browsers.

Pubic records contain information about a 56 year old man named Anthony Mark Brown. Those records list his last known address as 4714 ALBURY AVE, LAKEWOOD, CA 90713-2324. We are making that address available here because Brown is charged with a sex crime against children. Normally we block home addresses of cops, but we make exceptions in cases involving exceptionally heinous acts such as sex crimes and murder. We ask that nobody use this information for any unlawful purpose.

UPDATE: Anthony Mark Brown was sentenced to 6 years in prison last week. However, he is yet to be featured on the BOP website, so he might have been given time to turn himself in for all we know.

Brown was sentenced to 6 years last week.

Brown appears to now be located in the Los Angeles County jail system. According to the inmate lookup (which was not working at the time this article was published), Brown appears to have been incarcerated since the date of his arrest.

However, his booking information is vague and appears outdated. It makes only one mention of him being booked on an unknown charge with bail set at $20,000. It makes no mention of his United States Marshal hold. Federal holds are typically represented in local jail systems as the criminal charge "USM Hold" or similar language. USM Holds are often listed alongside related state charges, but this authors does not recall ever not seeing a federal detainee charged with USM Hold.

Anthony Mark Brown pled guilty this past week to distributing child porn. As you can see by the comments we posted containing what seems to be complaints from Brown or somebody acting like him, we were in the right to profile Brown in this way.

Got another message via our contact form that appears to be from Officer Brown. Like the first one we were given a fake reply-to address with some combination of the name Tony, random numbers, and Gmail. The new message reads:

"Can you please remove the physical address on the bottom of the article. Your website stated that you no longer publish physical address after an agreement with a Portland Judge. Thank you." - anythony397656[at]gmail.com

The response we tried to send read as follows: "We clearly explained that there are exceptions to the censorship of home addresses. Those exceptions include weirdo charges such as the ones you are currently facing." We received a reply from Gmail saying the account does not exist.

We got a funny email about this article today via our contact form:

Can you please remove the physical address on the bottom of the article. It violates your terms and conditions, and Ca. Gov. Code 6254.21. Thank you.


Anthony Mark Brown. Those records list his last known address as 4714 ALBURY AVE, LAKEWOOD, CA 90713-2324 tony482323[at]gmail.om

We could not reply because the email address given does not exist. Our response is that California law lacks jurisdiction in all matters involving this website and nothing in the complaint alleged that the posting was false in any way.

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