BART Cop David McCormick Arrested a Man for Eating While Black

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David McCormick, BART Police
David McCormick, BART Police

BART Police Officer David McCormick arrested a man for eating while black in an area where he says that eating is illegal. In the video you can clearly see that the victim here, Bill Gluckman, is just trying to eat a sandwich at the train station on his way to work. McCormick grabs his backpack, wont let go, tells Gluckman that he is not free to leave because by eating in that spot he is violation some frivolous California statute, tells Gluckman that he is going to jail for resisting arrest, calls for back up, arrests him and takes him to jail. This video has gone viral with people wondering, who is Officer D. McCormick?

We believe we have that answer after finding a .pdf from the BART Police Department listing one of their officers as David McCormick.

A public record search produced several David McCormick's in the San Francisco Bay Area that are in their 40s. We believe this man to be the one listed as David GT McCormick because David GT McCormick has what an active "guard" license. The record describing the license is as follows:

First Name: DAVID

Middle Name: G


License Number: 1638051

License State: CA

License Status: ACTIVE

License Type: GUARD

Issue Date: 04/24/2009

Expiration Date: 04/30/2011

11/11/2019 - Looks like other stories identify the victims as a man named Steve Foster that has a Facebook account under the name Bill Gluckman. So much for following the Facebook TOS. I hope he does not get booted over this, but at the same time I can't help wondering if he might be a catfish.

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