Former Las Cruces Police Officer Christopher Smelser - Manslaughter

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Former Las Cruces police officer Christopher Smelser is facing manslaughter charges for choking the life out of Antonio Valenzuela back in February. The case is getting more attention due to the similarities between it and the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police last month. This week police finally released Smelser's picture and news outlets are airing video of the incident (see embedded video). Smelser can be heard on video saying "I'm going to fucking choke you out, bro." Smelser then applied a choke hold and it worked, but it also killed Valenzuela and the officers didn't even bother to think about checking on him for five minutes.

When they checked his pulse there was none, so former officer Smelser was charged with manslaughter. His photo was only recently released.

Public records contain the following information about Smelser:


AGE: 27


**** ****** **** ****


2012 - Now

Due to time going by and a decline in public interest in this case, we have removed the home address from this post. It was posted because at the time we believed it might be useful for peaceful protest organizers, but we don't see people really protesting this specific officer anymore and when we did we are not aware of the organizers actually using this information.

The address listing was only intended to be temporary for the duration of peaceful anti-police brutality protests, and although such protests continue we have determined that some addresses including this one are far less useful at this time.

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