Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Jumps Tracks to Join Snitch Train

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Jenna Ellis has pleaded guilty as part of an agreement with Fani Willis to testify against Donald Trump. If this trend continues we will likely have to seek out volunteers or turn to cheap offshore labor on Fiverr to profile Trump's snitches for us. Unfortunately, this behavior is typical of white collar defendants in large cases. Ellis like her three accomplices in informing seems more concerned about assuring she stays out of prison than the wellbeing of those around her.


Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell pled guilty last week. Scott Hall pled guilty last month. All three have been promised light sentences without any jail time. As someone who went from being a semi-prominent businessman to a federal convict despite being a first time felon who hadn't done time, this author knows what it is like to face the possibility of prison without ever being there or associating with anyone who'd been there. I didn't realize it but I would've been better prepared had I grown up in a rough neighborhood and joined a gang because at least they know how to do time, keep their mouths shut, take care of their people when they get kidnapped by the government, and actively search for those responsible for aiding or abetting the government.

White collar people are quick to squeal because they know there are ways to use their squealing as proof of learning from their mistakes which potential employers view more favorably than going down with the ship. Unless employers wise up and choose a more honorable approach to hiring ex-cons, solid dudes like myself will likely remain the minority. This author has never snitched on anyone and won't consider it because I consider working with the government dishonorable. I am unfortunately in the extreme minority in that I'm educated, a convicted felon, and refuse to cooperate with the government or denounce my past. Trump should have hired me because at least I can be trusted not to testify against people.

White collar defendants like the Trump Train almost always have no experience doing time. Misinformation targeting convicts over the years usually scares white collar people out of fighting their cases. They're afraid of getting raped in the shower, extorted to avoid getting beat up, or shanked. Typically those things only happen to sex offenders or snitches who cooperate before ******** up and having to do their time as a snitch. Snitches are almost always run out of general population or beaten up in front of the staff so that they know those rats are not safe there. If you just keep your mouth shut and do your time you should be fine.


Jenna Lynn Ellis was born on November 1, 1984 ( She is a conservative lawyer from Colorado known for making a public spectacle of herself by going on TV to support Donald Trump. She also has her own podcast. While supporting Trump she claimed the 2020 election was stolen. It is not a crime to lie to TV. When going on TV the goal is not to tell the truth but to tell as many people as possible what you want them to hear. This author has lied on TV in the past and remains unapologetic because TV shows are not real life, so lying to a talk show host or reporter is not the same as lying in real life. Nobody should be punished for lying on TV.

We're not terribly concerned here about what she is accused of doing. We assume she knowingly helped spread what turned out to be false information about an election. This country has a long history of candidates lying prolifically during elections. People can do that because of the First Amendment. If false information is an accurate reflection of your opinion you can share that information in public because lies are almost always free speech. We're more concerned about identifying those responsible for helping the government kidnap people.


We've abstained from posting home addresses of people involved in Trump's cases until now, but as the PDF uploaded with this article shows (, Jenna Ellis has already been doxxed by Fani Willis. That PDF is still hosted by Courthouse News Service. Willis accused Ellis of being a material witness in a court filing last year in which she identified Ellis' home address as:

2171 Burbank Street

Berthoud, CO 80513

We ran a public records search for people named Jenna Lynn Ellis in the state of Colorado. The service we used returned just one result tying an apartment to a 38 year old female with a birthday in November named Jenna Lynn Ellis. That result was 550 N Lincoln Ave. Apt. 245, Loveland, Colorado, 80537-5584. Single results such as this are known to happen with people who've vigilantly opted out of public records websites over the years only to find themselves listed on the same sites again after moving, getting a new phone number, getting arrested, or otherwise doing something using their real name which leads to the creation of a new public record. Unfortunately, our service has been known to be incorrect in the past, so if that is the case here please contact us (


Societies that truly care about freedom shouldn't tolerate those that give incriminating information about other people to the government. The government has been the biggest threat to freedom in this country for a long time. Donald Trump didn't really do anything to change that but locking him up will not do anything to weaken the true enemy of the American people. That enemy is the United States government.

Don't expect Jenna Ellis to find work in Hollywood anytime soon. See video.

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