Fake Fugitive Midget Snitch Hides Out at Casinos Informing the Fuzz

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Theres one thing you can be sure of: when someone brags to many about being a fugitive from justice with 9 years of hard Texas time hanging over his head, theyre Working with the government. Moreover, when the person takes up permanent residence, no hotel room, in a casino subjecting himself to 24 hour surveillance by the resident fuzz, you can be sure theyre not hiding out.

Todays bottom feeding snitch is a textbook case of the ill effects of the governments sorcery. Heres the recipe: find a low level degenerate who smokes meth in between breaths and gambles so compulsively and incessantly that hed steal his mothers wedding ring. The government knows that his mere existence at this point is a crime so they pick him up on a victimless crime, something no one really cares about that can be disposed of quietly. Thats right, a drug wrap. Charge em, scare em, offer them a job. In this case employment includes a stipend for gambling and the expectation that he gets down with a buffet of meth, jackpot! And theres the sorcery, the promise of leniency only goes so far in ensuring informant compliance. The devils trick bag always keeps the hoe close to the sorcerers stones.

The product is Bradley aka Brad Vaz who cant remember if he has a license, a wife and kids, warrants, or where he is wanted. And no one is supposed to be suspicious, after all theres mugshots confirming his story. This one knows he has protection so he regularly commits the usual petty crimes while fucking everyone and everyone with his low level cash grabbing schemes so he can score $50 to put into Lobstermania and lose the money as fast as he can to get as much dopamine as possible.

We have no problem with those who have fallen prey to enticements. We do have issues with a government that dangles such carrots in front of midgets devoid of conscience and character willing to squeal on anybody anytime for a few bucks and a valid license to use abuse and sell meth.

If you encounter Brad, youre dealing with the government. Be aware. Also be aware that the info he shares will be what they want to hear rather than the truth. You think youre just buying a bag or helping him secure funds from a stolen credit card, but hes apt to call you the dealer and the thief. Now theyve got their eye on you thanks to this witness. The only thing worse than a CI is a dishonest CI, which is all of them. Its their nature. Welcome to your United States of America.

Theres no reward that we know of. But call Texas or Oklahoma or wherever you may think hes a fugitive. Tell em you got em and will deliver him for couple hundred bucks to play wicked winnings. Bet you a nickel nothing happens.

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