Deputy Sean Moore Refused to Make Copies for Self Represented Inmate

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Deputy Sean Moore
Deputy Sean Moore

I once observed Deputy Sean Moore (DPSST# 35661 )of the Columbia County Sheriff's Department refuse to make photocopies for a self represented federal inmate. Inmates have the right to have copies made of their documents before filing them with the District Court, so Deputy Moore has not right to deny that request, but he just does not care.

I don't remember the inmate's name, but he was a Cuban guy and former boxer accused of messing up another inmate at FCI Sheridan. He also had the same judge as me, Marco Hernandez, who doesn't have the best track record for helping self represented inmates. For instance, Hernandez once permitted a phone ban on someone that sent a white powder envelope to the US Attorney's Office and made the guy write all his outgoing letters in orange colored pencil. With conditions like those Deputy Moore really should try to help people make copies at least.

At one point I got people to start calling him Less behind his back because "Less is Moore." He even got punched one day by some black dude for being disrespectful.

UPDATE: While Googling an unrelated term I stumbled on an article about a man being sentenced for assaulting an unnamed Columbia County Sheriff's Deputy and to my shock it was the guy Moore would not make copies for, Leonel Marin-Torres, and he said at sentencing that he was not treated well in jail. He is correct, he was not treated well. He was representing himself at a facility with no federal law library and the deputies (especially Moore) would not do things he needed done, like make copies of motions he needed to file.

This report has been updated now that Moore's first name was noticed in court document while researching Marti Kyles. A copy of that document has been uploaded.

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