Dallas Police Officer Bryan Riser Arrested for Murder

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Dallas Police Officer Bryan Riser was arrested for today on two counts of capitol murder after a snitch fingered Riser as having paid him to kill two people. Riser is now being held on $5,000,000 bail in the Dallas County Jail and has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

In 2017 the bullet riddled body of 30 year old Liza Saenz was found floating in the Trinity River. Six months later Kevin Kidd, Emmanuel Kilpatrick and Jermon Simmons were arrested for and later convicted of her murder. In 2019 one of them told police that they were hired by Bryan Riser. He said that Riser offered them $6,000 and came up with a plan to give them information about drug houses for them to rob. Investigators were able to match location data from Saenz's phone with locations that their snitch had told them they went with her. Not much else is known about the investigation at this point. We don't know why it took them years to find enough evidence to charge Riser. The word of a jailhouse snitch is hardly credible, so they had to take time to find enough real evidence to make charging him worth it. That evidence has not yet been released.

Earlier in 2017, 60 year old Albert Douglas disappeared. His body has never been found. The same snitch that fingered Riser for the Saenz murder claims that Riser offered him $3,500 to kill Douglas. He claimed that he and one of his associates kidnapped and killed Douglas before dumping his body in the Trinity River. He said that Douglas' body was dumped in the same place that Saenz' body was dumped.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia gave a press conference following Riser's arrest in which his primary concern seemed to be Riser's actions tarnishing his badge (see video below). Reporters were quick to ask why Riser was allowed to keep working until the day he was arrested despite mounting evidence against him. Garcia explained that investigators did not want to make Riser suspicious of their actions until they could arrest him because had he been on to them he could have covered some of his tracks. He also claimed that his department will do all it can to expedite the firing process in Riser's case so that he won't continue to collect pay checks while in jail.

The future looks bleak for Riser despite his status as an employed inmate. Ex cops are at the bottom of the food chain in jail, so he will be kept in protective custody. PC inmates typically only get out of their cells for one or two hours a day. He will probably be placed on "walk alone" status for his own safety so that no other inmate will get out of their cell with him. The only exception to that would be if he can find some inmates to pay "rent" money to in exchange for watching his back. As an officer on paid leave we already know that keeping his commissary account funded will not be a problem for him, so the quicker he gets fired the more likely it is that he won't be able to pay rent anymore.

Officer Riser was released today after prosecutors told a judge that they don't have enough evidence to proceed with the capital murder case against him. Learn more at https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/08/us/dallas-police-murder-charges.html

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