SDPD Officer William Carter-Torres Arrested for Road Rage

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San Diego Police Officer William Carter-Torres was arrested after allegedly brandishing a firearm during an off duty road rage incident. According to the media, a woman called 911 after a man pointed a gun at her while driving in the Clairemont area. She wrote down his license plate so it didn't take police long to figure out they were looking for one of their own. SDPD Chief David Nisleit suspended Carter-Torres as soon as he heard of the incident. We are not sure if he will be paid for his time on leave pending the outcome of the case and its parallel internal investigation.

Further specifics are not known at this time. Chief Nisleit did call the allegations "disturbing" but seemed to using that term in generic way. Road rage is one of the more common causes of police officer arrests that we have seen in recent months. Cases typically involve stressed out cops taking out their frustrations on unsuspecting members of the public while off duty. Had it not been for one motorist having the presence of mind to write down his license plate he would still be getting away with it.

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