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Sedalia, Missouri 65301
2010 Pettis County Financial Statement:

A couple days ago a good samaritan contacted us with a Pettis County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) staff roster that also includes current or former members of the Sedalia Police Department and Missouri State Police. The names came from several sources including the 2010 Pettis County Financial Statement, a 2011 data dump, and the current directory page on the county website (

We also have Facebook profiles for some of them which means anyone that would like to ask them if they know who shot Hannah Fizer can easily send them direct messages on Facebook. Hopefully, one of them would be nice enough to break his or her silence and do the right thing. In a tightly knit town like this one where it seems as much as 90% of the Sheriff's office grew up in that county or a neighboring one, it is often the first rank and file member that decides to do the right thing that leads to reforms and real change. We are shocked how many had ties to this area before 2007. We cannot guess how many of them did not start working until that year. The samaritan has done some of that research as well which is why some say "before 2007." We also would not be surprised if Sheriff Kevin Bond was lying when he said that shooter had been on the force since 2007.

As you can see there are a lot of phone numbers and addresses associated with these people. All are public record. We made sure to research all of them and can say that they are the most recent addresses and phone numbers we could find public records for. There are a few that remain the same as they were in the 2011 data dump, but they are publicly available in one way of another as well. If any are wrong we apologize in advance. We ask that any contact between these people and yourself or anyone you share this with be limited to inquiries about the killing of Hannah Fizer. Please do not threaten or harass any of these people or anyone at those locations/numbers. Our hopes with posting this is that it will put public pressure on the department and that pressure just might make this the kind of enhanced persuasion technique needed to help them make better choices.

We do not recommend that you go to any of these addresses unless you bring witnesses with cameras to make sure you are not accused of doing anything illegal or if you are accused that you have proof that you are not breaking the law. We would like people to survey these locations for the above pictured gray or silver SUV with lights on top, chrome hubcaps, and no department markings on the right side because as the video below shows it appears to be the first vehicle on the scene. Other footage shows a red car directly behind Hannah's car, but that was shot later. If you really want to knock on doors and ask if they know who shot Hannah Fizer and see if they would be willing to talk about it, again bring a group of witnesses with cameras and do not do anything illegal. If they ask you to leave then immediately leave the premises and don't threaten anyone. If this pressure does not work then we would encourage people to organize a march through Sedalia and to use this information when planning their route. We would encourage demonstrators to stop for several minutes outside of each location, yell out the name of the deputy by name, and demand justice.

If anyone including those listed here can provide us with a name and supporting documentation sufficient to convince us that the name is in fact that of the shooter, then we will remove the addresses and phone numbers from this site for everyone except for the shooter.

This past week despite emotions being at their highest the people of Pettis County have proven that they are capable of handling this tragedy non-violently. They peacefully protested outside of the Sheriff's office and although they did not picket the Sheriff's home as we suggested, they more importantly did not react to the prior posting containing his address ( by harming him or his property. We want the people of Pettis County to hold the moral high ground in this fight by remaining non-violent. If you resort to violence then Sheriff Bond might be able to spin that and make his lies appear real. Then he would have the moral high ground and if he were to be allowed that it would be hard to gain it back, especially if he were to gain that ground due to people acting out violently. Violence would hurt you more than it would them.

To those of you that believe that because only one of these people at most shot Hannah Fizer that we are targeting innocent people we say to you that there are three types of people potentially on this list; Type 1, a murderer; Type 2, cowards that have been complicit with their silence; Type 3, people that knew the murderer in the past whether they realize it or not and could help inform the public with useful information in this matter, that information could be about the killer or if they don't know who it is because they left the department years ago, they certainly could provide inside information about how the department operates and have most likely been complicit with their silence at some point over the years.

This shotgun approach would not even be necessary if Sheriff Bond would stop hiding behind loopholes in state law and honor our request for documents filed under the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). That request was for the current staff roster with hiring dates and the shift schedules from June 13, 2020 the day Hannah Fizer was killed. Those documents along with Sheriff Bond's admission that the shooter had been with the department since 2007 should have been enough for us to figure out who it is without him having to name him or her.

Some feedback we have gotten include two names. The widely circulated internet rumor about Jimmy Moore which we believe Sheriff Bond was referring to in an open letter in which he said the name of the wrong person has been circulating online. Since then we have heard from members of the community including Hannah's brother who believes that Moore is not the shooter, but we have also heard from other members that still believe that Moore is the right person for various reasons including at reported red car sighting, but we are hesitant to endorse that at this time any more than we were willing to endorse the Roswell UFO sighting before we endorsed it. The other name is Scott DeHaven. That name was given to us by someone wishing to remain anonymous. That tipster said that DeHaven had been hired in 2007 and that as far as he knew DeHaven was the only new deputy hired that year. This person also claimed to have been associated with a member of the DeHaven family during that time period and cited that as the reason he knows this. We do not know this person and do not know how many deputies were hired in 2007, if DeHaven was in fact hired that year, or even if Sheriff Bond was telling the truth about the 2007 hiring year.

There is one name that has caught our eye so far. That name is Aaron Nichols. According to his address history he first moved to Sedalia in December of 2007 and lived in Kansas before that. That would be consistent with someone finding a new job in Sedalia that year, but we also know that law enforcement agencies do a lot of post hiring training, so the shooter could have been hired in 2007 only to not actually start working until 2008. In that case the shooter could have no address history in the area until 2008 or maybe even 2009 according to the records service we use. Then again, odds are, the shooter lived in Sedalia for many years before becoming a deputy.

This list is being frequently updated and is about to be significantly skimmed down. We are going to remove addresses as we rule out suspects because the volume of data seems overwhelming to people and we agree that we need to focus primarily on finding Hannah's killer and not just asking away to anyone that might have worked with him or her in past.

UPDATE: The family has named Jordan Schutte as the shooter. Due to this development we have removed all the other addresses from this page except for his because we feel it is important to focus on him and those in a position to hold him accountable. The rest of the names will stay so that people looking for a staff roster for that department can find something like one.

Jordan Schutte




Phone: 660-281-2872

Learn more at and print off his wanted poster at

Kevin Bond

Ruled Out: He is the Sheriff on TV refusing to name the shooter. Learn more at

Jerry Hunter

Raul Buso (651)

Ruled out: 77 years old is way too old

John Hammond (former SPD)

Ruled out: worked for SPD after PCSO.

Calls himself Hambone on Facebook

Samuel Hargrave

John Michael Brosch (hosted watch party of victims bf)

Mike Oswald

Says he works for a bail bonds business on Facebook

Michael Simons (before 2007)

Marion David Hockaday (cousin of Don Hockaday who started FB page "sign the petition" for Hannah, that group has since blocked us and deleted anything linking to this list)

Tolbert Rowe

Ruled out: Appeared on camera talking about incident.

Harlan Burton

67 years old? Still on duty?

Chris Branstetter (kitchen)

Ruled out: is now and appears to have always been the jail kitchen administrator

Aaron Nichols

Craig Poe

Joni Hammond (corrections)

Ronavon Smith

Jason Atwood (651) (before 2007)

Buck Venable (690) (before 2007)

Charlie Pappert

Kevin Schnell (before 2007)

David Turpin (before 2007)

William McNeil Trout

Javier Gonzalez

Andy Brown

Nicholas Gooch

Mike DeHaven

Ruled out: Over 70 years old

Jimmy Moore

*He is the first person named on social media, but his name is suspiciously missing from the 2010 financial statement.

Brian Egbert (615)

Keaton Foster (started in 2009)

Adam Archibeque (corrections officer)

Mike Arnold

Ruled out: Someone said he is now a coach at a school in a neighboring town, his email address indicates that he is some sort of coach, and in 2010 he was listed as a Juvenile Officer. That might not be a 100% solid alibi, but we don't think it is him, so that info is gone. *It does look he moved to the jail in 2011 though.

Joshua Hathaway

*After receiving a complaint, looking at the first name of the person complaining, and looking at the email address that Josh used for his account we believe that email belongs to a woman claiming to be his ex-wife. Therefore ex-Mrs Hathaway's email address has been removed. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at the same time can't help blaming Josh for not using his own email address.

Cody Lemens

Now lives in KC, talked to him via email and he says he applied for a job at PCSO but was not hired. His address history last lists him as living in Sedalia in 2016 and he would have been 19 in 2007 if Bond gave the correct hiring year for the shooter, but we have reason to believe the shooter may have been with the force longer than that due to something a cop watch group says they heard on the radio. Given those factors we decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and remove his info. We are writing this little update so that people know that some names from the dump might be due to job application and/or training that did not result in a job. Cody said "hey wouldn't even allow innocent tattoos to tell you how ass backward they are."

Jacob Hill (too young, according to public records he would have been 17 in 2007)

Benjamin Banner

Ruled out: was arrested in 2017 for stealing funds from the county.

Richard Townsend

Kelly Simons (now Issacton) (before 2007)

John Cline (before 2007)

Jennifer Meyer (before 2007)

Jason Johnson

Mark Morgan (before 2007)

Scott DeHaven

Michelle O'Bannon (jail officer)

Jessica Rugen

Carl D. Keller

Darren Cline (before 2007)

Matthew Fry

Maria Mittelhauser (before 2007 now 67, so not likely)

Shawn Coleman (620)

Shawn Apel

Kevin Tylar (before 2007)

Jami Williams

Dennis Crowden

Alyson Brooks

Rene Wooldridge

Inna Kozhukharenko

Andy Holdeman

Kyla Lindsey (661)

Angela Ramirez

Kirk Scott

Peggi Sargent (dispatch)

Cendy Harrell-Carson

Raymond Hanning

Curtis Hammonds (before 2007)

Charles Beard

Carol Bruening (Age 73)

Donna Gary

Heather Hawkins

Vicki Houseman

Larry Lehman

Jody Schlittenhart

Stephanie Sinclair

Mallory Stephens

Ronald Yates (Age 71)

Matt Bahner

Glenn Banner

Rita Clark

Nyle McMurtrey

Sharon O'Bannon

Terry Potts

Lawrence Rigdon

Olga Vakulich

Rene Wooldridge

Robert Woolery

This post has been updated so that it only includes the address of the man Hannah's family named as the shooter. We believe that people need to focus on pressuring Kevin Bond, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Pettis County prosecutor right now.

After Hannah's dad posted a Facebook post along the lines of he should not have said what he said and that he was "jumping the gun" we posted what people say he posted which names Schutte, but we are not 100% sure if he is the actual shooter

Multiple people have messaged us saying that Hannah's father posted the name Jordan Schutte on his Facebook page as the shooter, but these messages all have the same problem. One said he took it down and the other said it was posted on a certain Facebook group but then taken down by the admins.

We are trying to confirm this.

Benjamin Banner was ruled out today after someone sent us a link to an article about him being arrested for stealing from the PCSO in 2017

RickFlair58 Says:

red car is pettis county corner skip smith

In response to concerns from the community regarding the potential for drunks to bad things with this list, we have decided to recommend a non-violent resource that should allow anyone to satisfy their drunk mischievous urges without hurting anyone, damaging property, or exposing themselves to criminal charges.

We recommend that anyone completely unable to control themselves with the above information visit and place an anonymous order. In a few days the target of your order should receive a box full of horse or elephant excrement. The return address on the box will belong to a farm in Europe and will not contain any of your information.

Watch a demo at

If you look at this image from the video that appears to be the first footage shot right after the murder. This SUV with chrome hubcaps, lights on top, and NO departments markings on the right hand side is the vehicle to look for.

The owner could have easily removed the hubcaps but probably has not painted it. Real life is not like a Grand Theft Auto video game, you can't just pull into a garage and instantly get a new coat of paint.

Other known PCSO SUV license plate numbers in addition to 623 include 617, 640 and 633. Kevin Bond has been photographed driving 633 in the past.

A license plate check shows that vehicle 623 is a silver 2015 Cadillac Escalade and vehicle 616 is a BMW 750i sedan , so if the recording does in fact say 616 then that is not the license plate because 616 is not a silver or gray SUV like 623.

Someone that enhanced this video believes they can hear "616 shots fired" at 26 seconds in. We can clearly hear the "shots fired" part, but the first part is hard to make out. They believe that 616 is either a badge number or a license plate number. In this picture you can see that they drive vehicles with plates numbered like that the SUV in that picture has plate number 623 and it is following another SUV with the same paint job.

A video taken shortly after the murder shows a gray or silver SUV and not a red car right behind her car, so that red car might not be the shooter's car. The person that filmed the red car appears to have started filming after this video was filmed. As you can see there are no other vehicles on the scene in this video, so unless that SUV is blocking a guilty red car then this is the shooter's vehicle.

Here is a link to the latest coverage mentioned in the last comment

New information states that Hannah told the officer she was filming him with her phone during the stop and a local business caught the whole thing on camera. According to the Missouri Highway Patrol "A review of the footage revealed [that] during the traffic stop, the Pettis County Deputy makes contact with Fizer, he then can be seen drawing his duty weapon, and Fizer can be seen moving within her vehicle, then the Deputy fires his weapon," That is hardly a justification for shooting her.

She probably said she was shooting video of him and he translates that to shooting him with a gun somehow. Pointing a camera at someone and saying they are shooting is not a justification. A reasonable officer can tell the difference between a gun and a phone.

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