Andy Cuong Ngo: The Internet's Biggest Snitch

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Andy Cuong Ngo is the biggest snitch on the internet. In fact, his history of ratting people out to the police and inciting others to do so is so well known that we still can't think of anything to put in this article that anyone that knows anything about him does not know or could easily learn already. Just a few minutes ago we noticed him Tweeting that he spotted an Antifa woman close to the federal courthouse in what he says is a violation of her federal pretrial release conditions. Trying to put anyone in jail during a pandemic is life threatening, so we finally decided to get off our butts and add him to this site.

Does publicly criticizing someone for breaking the law make you a rat? Not necessarily, there is a big difference between publicly criticizing someone for illegal activity and getting them into trouble with the law for that activity. The difference being mainly that a person criticized might get their fellings hurt while a person arrested will get locked in a cage and their life might be ruined. Ngo tweets with the specific intent for his tweets to be used by law enforcement to put people in jail. Ngo has over 750,000 followers, many of those followers are law enforcement officers, and they most certainly include local as well as federal law enforcement personnel. Those of his followers that are not cops include an army of snitches that are guaranteed to report any incriminating information he tweets to the police. In the context of Andy Ngo's Twitter account, he posts information for the purpose of targeting specific individuals for arrest. His online activities make him a snitch because he is functioning as a law enforcement asset.

Ngo seems primarily motivated by money and revenge. Ngo acquired most of his following in response to his attacks on Antifa. That following provides his employer, The Post Millennial, with a steady stream of referral traffic sufficient enough on its own to make employing him as "editor at large" good for business. Ngo uses his attacks on Antifa to boost sales of his book "Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy." Ngo's primary source of income is clearly tied to his snitching activities. In 2019 he was beat up by Antifa and went crying to the Portland Police about it (see video below). Ngo was struck a few times, egged, and covered with a milkshake. He then told the local news ( that he immediately reported the indent to the Portland Police. Ngo should have known better than to show his face at a Proud Boys event and try to walk through an angry crowd of Antifa activists. He could have gone there prepared and handled it like a man, but instead he ran away and handled it like a sissy. He has been on an online rampage against Antifa ever since.

Ngo's response to getting his butt kicked and covered with food is typical of vindictive snitches. They have an inferiority complex that leads them to say, "you screw with wrong person, I call police!" Often that kind of reaction leads to whoever they snitch on getting arrested, but when that does not happen, people like Ngo take their fits to whole new level. We've seen it before from people that start stalking and harassing people they snitched on hoping that if they stalk them enough they will find something that the cops will act on and if that does not work they might be able to provoke them into an unlawful response. The psychology is pretty much the same. If Ngo didn't have the internet, he would probably be out there on his own dumpster diving, following people around, or otherwise weaseling about trying trying to find whatever little piece of incriminating dirt he could to get those people hung up on anything no matter how minor or irrelevant to his beating, just so he could sit back, laugh, and let them know that he was the reason for their problems. Thanks to Twitter, Ngo can do them far worse and make a lot of money in the process.

What We Know About Andy Ngo

We know that Andy Ngo is 33 years old, grew up in Portland, Oregon, was a member of Alpha Gamma Omega at UCLA, graduated from UCLA in 2009, came out as gay (, worked for the Portland State University Vanguard newspaper until being fired in 2017, currently works for The Post Millennial, and his parents still live near Mt. Tabor.

A group of Antifas trick or treated at the above location wearing Andy Ngo masks last year. The Post Millennial described the incident saying, "Unsettling security footage has appeared online of what appears to be six antifa grunts approaching journalist Andy Ngo's door." (see source link above article). Ngo described the incident on Twitter saying, "These 6 individuals wearing print-out masks of my face approached my family's home last night, repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property & gestured at cameras." Based on that we initially believed that Antifa had shows up at his parents' house and that they were the ones that called the cops. We were not sure if Ngo was living with his parents at the time or where he lives at the moment, but according Ngo's own statements he was home alone at that house at the time. Ngo's tweet described the location as his "family's home" and not his home, but his statements to the news described the incident as if he were either living there. We would be surprised if a gainfully employed 33 year old man like Ngo were living with his parents, especially since he appears to be a marked man and all of his enemies know his parents' address or can easily look it up online. We still think that he likely rents or purchased property locally through a trust, similar to the Ngo Mai Living Trust that officially owns his parents' house, so that he can keep his current address out of public records, and he probably still receives most of his mail at his parents' house because he knows that using his new address would likely lead to that address showing up in public records linked to him.

According to Fox News, Ngo admitted that he called the police on the Antifa trick or treaters. The trick or treaters appeared to be completely peaceful and did not try to harm people or property, but that did not stop Ngo from trying to get them arrested. Normally we don't include names and addresses of people's parents with articles such as this one because we do not support blaming people for the actions of their relatives, but in this case Andy Ngo's dad earned a spot on this website on his own merit. Andy Ngo's father is an ex-cop and not just any ex-cop.

Binh Quoc Ngo was a police officer in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The communists sent him and his wife to a labor camp after the fall of Saigon in 1975, probably as punishment for crimes he committed in uniform. The Republic of Vietnam was run by a series of fascist regimes that masqueraded as a fake republic from 1955 to 1975. Those regimes were led by either leaders elected via rigged elections or generals that took power via military coups. In 1962 all police departments were merged to form The Republic of Vietnam National Police (RVNP). The RVNP worked in conjunction with the Army of South Vietnam (ARVN) to maintain power by any means necessary. They were notorious for their brutality and complete disregard for civil rights. In 1968 they publicly executed an army officer for corruption ( and their own chief executed a handcuffed prisoner that was not resisting or otherwise uncooperative ( Such tactics did far more to swell the ranks of the Vietcong than to deter crime. We would not be surprised if Binh Ngo personally participated in atrocities without which there would have been fewer Vietcong and fewer American deaths.

The only other address we could find for him was the Alpha Gamma Omega house at UCLA. AGO is a Christian based fraternity. Ngo graduated from UCLA is 2009. Christian fraternities are usually known for being really lame groups that don't party or get laid much.


Andy Ngo is the biggest snitch on the internet right now. He appears to have been raised that way. His actions have led to countless incarcerations and his continued use of the internet will lead to countless more.

About The Address

We are posting that address for a couple reasons: 1) As a warning for anyone that might visit that location or live in the area so that they know just going there might get them reported to the cops; 2) If it can be confirmed that he actually lives there right now it would make the ideal location to picket him; 3) Due to Binh Ngo's history as a police officer for a department whose brutality makes the Portland Police look soft, it might be a good place for people protesting police brutality in general to make their voices heard. We ask that nobody use this information to harm people or property. We support peacefully protesting at that location, but beyond that we ask that you not go there.

UPDATE: The source link has been updated because we found a news story where Ngo claims to have been home alone at the above mentioned address when the trick or treaters stopped by.

UPDATE: The video has been changed to his appearance on Fox News in which he claims to have been home alone at his parents' house when Antifa came by trick or treating. He said it was like "something out of the Purge."

Andy is making a huge stink on Twitter right now trying to get somebody arrested for allegedly jacking his cell phone a couple years ago.

We had to make some changes to this one after finding out that Ngo was actually home alone at his parents' house according to him, so we stuck language stating that we did not think he was living there at the time and replaced it with language saying that he may have been living there, but probably does not anymore.

We say probably because we don't think he is the kind of person that would still being living with his parents even if he did have to move home briefly last year.

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