Commander Terry Moore's Crew Disciplined for Arresting Stormy Daniels

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Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) a.k.a. Stephanie Clifford was the victim of a false arrest in Columbus, Ohio and now a crew of crooked cops led by Commander Terry Moore are now facing official disciplinary proceedings for arresting her in 2018. The other officers involved include Shana Keckley, Whitney Lancaster, Mary Praither, and Steven Ratner. They were part of the now defunct Vice unit at the Columbus Police Department which also included Officers Ron Kemmerling, Scott Soha, and Andrew Mitchell. There is a long story connected to this that involves criminal charges against the former vice unit officers in another case which is part of why Andrew Mitchell can be seen in custody wearing a suicide smock, but this post is about Stormy Daniels because even though the nature of the charges in the other case are far worse, Stormy Daniels was arrested for conduct that if proven would not have been illegal.

Apparently she was at a strip club called Sirens where she was charged with a sex crime under an Ohio law against strippers touching customers too much. The problem with the law is that it ony applies to strippers that work there regularly. Stormy Daniels was in town for a special visit as part of her national strip club tour. These cops had to have known this since she is the most famous stripper in America and whenever she comes to town she is the starring attractions at all the clubs she performs at. There is no way that these cops could have went to see Stormy Daniels, gotten a little extra attention, and concluded that she was a regular at the club.

Watch the video below of Columbus Police Interim Chief Tom Quinlan announcing the charges.

UPDATE: Stormy just sunk to new levels by meeting with prosecutors in New York and agreeing to testify against Donald Trump.

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