Use of Restraints as Punishment by US Marshals in Portland, Oregon

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1000 SW Third Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
The U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon
The U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon

Last year I was the subject of what I believe to be unlawful use of physical restraints by the U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon as punishment for writing "COPBLASTER.COM" in mustard on the wall of a holding cell at the federal courthouse the last time I was at that courthouse. I say illegally because courts and government organizations have said over the years that "physical restraint will not be used as punishment", Spain v. Procunier, 600 f.2d 189 (9th Cir. 1979). On top of that I was told when they noticed the mustard that if I did not clean it off I would be placed in black box restraints the next time I had court there. I cleaned off the mustard not wanting to have to spend the next court date in a black box. The next time I went to court the Marshals refused to remove my belly chain and cuffs saying that it was necessary to keep me from writing on the wall. The problem with that is that anyone can still write on the walls with their cuffs and chain on. They even gave me mustard with my lunch. I believe that this was done as a punishment and not to prevent anything.

I slipped the chain off easily enough and when they tried to force another one back on me I got shot with a stun gun. That was excessive force because I never threatened their safety, was outnumbered at least 4 to 1, and only used non-violent resistance to to keep them from getting my arms where they wanted them. Using a weapon that has the potential to kill people was not justified. Fortunately one of the prongs got stuck in my Columbia County Jail jumpsuit and I was able to pull the other one from my arse without feeling it much.

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