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Jason Schaefer's Threat to Court:

Rock Creek Bomber Jason Paul Schaefer has been under investigation by CopBlaster.com since August of 2018 following a pair of allegations alleging that he had snitched on an inmate in J2 at the Federal Detention Center in Sheridan, Oregon (FDC Sheridan) sometime between June and August of 2018. The investigation involved a look at the court record in his case. The results are ultimately inconclusive but highly suspicious enough to warrant a posting on this website about the allegations and suspicions pertaining to Mr. Schaefer.

The first allegation made to the founder of CopBlaster.com came from a man claiming to be a member of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Club during transport from the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon to the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) in Portland, Oregon. The man claimed to have been coming from J2, but I can't be sure because the FDC is across the street from the FCI and I came from the FCI SHU. When the talk turned to "Fingers" as Mr. Schaefer is known in the system, the Joker said that Fingers had been beaten up in J2 before snitching on the person that beat him up. The beating was described as a discipline and not an eviction. The difference is that an eviction involves smashing a guy off mainline, which basically means beating a guy up so that the staff takes him out of the unit and does not bring him back. A discipline on the other hand takes place behind closed doors when the guys don't want to kick a guy out of the unit but still want to correct a behavior of some sort. This Joker stated that he liked Fingers until that incident and recommended that he be placed on this website for that reason. It was a sad story to hear because I also liked Fingers, but knowing him I could see him pissing a guy off and getting beat up. It was quite disappointing to hear this allegation because Fingers is smart enough to know that snitching follows people in the system forever, but he lacks impulse control and I could see him flipping out, feeling powerless, and in an effort to gain control running to the unit CO as described because as someone physically incapable of doing anything to fight back the only way he could hurt the guy that disciplined him would have been to tell on him.

Some days later I ran into a leader of the Fat ***** Killers (FBK) and Oregon United (OU). The FBK is a well known gang of white inmates in Oregon. OU is a group of white gangs including FBK that formed an alliance for the betterment of the white community in Oregon prisons and works together for the betterment of white inmates from Oregon in the federal system. I personally know this FBK/OU leader to be one of the most respected white inmates from Oregon in the feds. When in J2 he usually calls the shots for the whites and he was also at USP Victorville after I was. We were in D Pod at the Columbia County Jail together earlier in 2018 and during our conversations it became obvious to me that he was in good standing with the White Car and Northwest Whites at Victorville USP. The White Car is a group comprised of almost all affiliated and independent white inmates in general population. The criteria for membership is pretty simple, for the most part you just have to be a white man, not a sex offender, not a snitch, not a Muslim, and not be affiliated with a another race's gang. The Northwest Whites are a sub car of the White Car consisting of whites from the Pacific Northwest. Like the White Car its members include both affiliated and independent inmates. Affiliated inmates are active gang members like this source and independents are inmates like me that are not gang members. Members of the White Car and Northwest Whites in Victorville adhere to an honor code that strictly prohibits and has strong sanctions for anyone that falsely accuses someone of being a snitch. Due to that code, the fact that this man was still a J2 shot caller, knew he was going back to Victorville, and is a career criminal that would not want to ruin his credibility in the eyes of other inmates by falsely accusing someone of being a snitch, I give great weight to the statements of this individual. Now, back to our conversation. While talking to him in the holding cells at the federal courthouse and I asked about Schaefer he told me a similar that was strikingly similar to the one that the Joker told me. It sounded like they "heart checked" Fingers and that he failed that check in the worst possible way. He too favored posting Fingers on this site.

Fingers was sentenced two days ago and today I checked out the court record. The record has no mention of anything that could be referring to these allegations. I wanted to wait until after his sentencing to write this because I wanted to see if this alleged incident came up at sentencing. I had told his attorney about it thinking it might be relevant to sentencing because if true it would mean that his time will be far worse than it otherwise would be. If they don't send him to a protective custody (PC) yard, nut house, or ADX, he will end up in special housing units (SHUs) under 23 hour lockdown for his own safety. Having this jacket makes him a vulnerable person and that can be a sentencing factor. I had planned to attend the sentencing hearing but though it was this coming week instead of last week. Nothing is in the sentencing memorandum suggesting that Fingers should get less time due to vulnerability and because the pre-sentence investigation report is filed under seal, I have no way of knowing if it contains any references to this. I can conclusively say that there is nothing in his publicly available paperwork suggesting that he is a snitch.

What the record does include is a threat that Fingers mailed the district court. That threat states:

"If I am sent to a United States Penitentiary Facility. I will immediately be given, acquire, or make a knife or weapon and kill an inmate, so that I am removed from such Facility. I will not remain in a United States Penitentiary." -Jason Schaefer.

Besides being a direct threat to inmates that looked out for me when I was in prison, this letter begs the question: "Why is Fingers so scared of a USP?" There can only really be two answers. First, he might not be scared at all and this is an effort to get sent to Administrative Maximum (ADX) or a mental health prison like MCFP Springfield. Second, he is afraid of what happens to snitches in active USPs. Given the weight of the other evidence I believe the latter answer to be correct. Snitches at USPs are automatically removed from general population by the inmates. Since he has had a bad jacket for over a year he would most likely be instantly recognized at any USP in the western region. Assuming he lasts long enough on mainline to get a knife the kind of PC move he threatened is not uncommon. PC inmates are well known for attacking good inmates to get off the yard and make the paperwork look like they were taken off for disciplinary and not PC reasons. He will probably PC himself to avoid getting jumped on sight and this threat gives him a chance to blame his classification on something other than his jacket. If Fingers were to hypothetically land on a yard where he had enough time to find a knife before getting smashed off and actually managed to kill an inmate, that would probably be the best thing for him under these circumstances. He is doing 40 years and killing an inmate would let him go to ADX for at least the first 10 years. At ADX he would have better food, commissary, and his own TV in his cell. Some guys have killed just to get that because they know that if they get out it will be decades later and some prefer ADX to general population. Inmate on inmate killings are also rarely prosecuted if the inmate has more than 10 years left.

Based on the overall weight of the evidence I personally believe Fingers to be a snitch as described by his accusers.

Got a letter from a convict at USP Pollock the other day. It was mostly about other things, but there was a sentence in there which appears to describe Fingers as showing up there and checking into protective custody. That seems to substantiate the earlier stories I heard which were basically the same involving his exit from J2 at FDC Sheridan.

He is listed on the BOP website as being in Pollock now. He was sent to FCI Sheridan at first. When that happened I was glad because I figured people wouldn't go too **** ** him there, but I always worried he might flip out and get sent up to a USP.

Threats like his following accusations like the ones I've received need to be taken seriously. Guys that know they won't last at a USP have been responsible for some serious attacks. A couple years before I arrived at USP Victorville, a guy strangled two inmates just so he could go back to the super max where he would get his own cell with a TV. When I was there, the Mexicans told a guy to pack up and he attacked his celly with a lock. I've never seen so much blood. Then others just run up and tackle or punch a random dudes and say they were the bad ones.

FCI Sheridan is a snitch and sex offender yard. It has been transitioning to a PC yard in recent years. I've heard that snitches and sexers even have their own cars there. He will probably roll with the snitches. I was in the hole there when I got into trouble at the detention center, so that is how I know this. Guys with good paperwork are in the minority there. Jason should be just fine as long as he doesn't lose it and flip out on the staff, or run into the person that he is said to have told on, or people that know that person and want to do something about it.

Sounds like Jason has seen this page and isn't too happy about it. I'm not happy about it either, but sending that letter to the judge was not just a check-in move. I've seen people get jumped on mainline at USPs just because some guy doesn't want to walk the yard there. Jason has nobody but himself, a Joker, and a shot caller to blame for this. Those were three strikes and even though I'm sure he would say that the letter was just him trying to avoid a USP. and that he wasn't really going to do that, it is still an effort to duck the yard. Lucky for him he landed at FCI Sheridan.

It pains me to have to write that. I Will continue to advocate for Fingers regarding the circumstances of his underlying case, but the combination of snitching allegations and his threat to kill people I know alarms me enough to finally write something. Even though he was helpful to me in Columbia County I have seen too many check-ins attack good inmates to get back at the community for ostracizing them. Hopefully if he does attack someone it won't be someone of another race because that could start a riot, which someone in his shoes might view as the best revenge possible.

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