Edinburgh Police Officer Michael Nunez Arrested for Child Molestation

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Edinburgh Police Officer Michael David Nunez has been arrested on two counts of child molestation for abusing a relative. The charges are the result of an investigation that began after the child's mother called Edinburgh Police Chief Doyne Little on December 29, 2020. She said that her son was six years old when Officer Nunez started molesting him in 2014. She said that the abuse would happen about once a month. She said that she noticed that her son was not himself anymore and when she asked what was wrong he blamed Officer Nunez, but she also admitted that her son told her about the abuse six years ago and she did not believe him.

When investigators interviewed the victim, they learned that Officer Nunez knew that what he was doing was wrong because he told the victim that he could go to jail if he said anything. Further evidence of Nunez's culpable state of mind was found when officers finally made contact with him. He was found sitting in his vehicle and was taken to a hospital due to comments he made. We believe that Nunez knew that the noose was tightening and was suicidal. As an officer he knew that what he had done was so illegal that he now faces 20-50 years in prison on each count. Both counts are level 1 felonies in the state of Indiana.

Investigators also learned that Nunez was working a second job as a security guard, which is where he supposedly was when they first tried to contact him. They learned through that employer that Nunez would wear his Edinburgh Police Department uniform on the job while working as a private security guard, but that he commuted with his personal vehicle and not an official police vehicle. That makes sense since police cars tend to fitted with tracking mechanism that uniforms don't have, so Nunez would have had to answer for misusing a police vehicle for personal purposes had he used it for his security job. Instead, he only has to answer for wearing a police uniform while acting as if he were acting in an official capacity while off duty because he molested a little kid. Had he not been a child molester he would still be giving new meaning to the phrase "rent a cop."

According to public records, Michael David Nunez is 33 years old and his last known address was 480 Prosser Driver in Edinburgh, Indiana. That address appears to be that of a mobile home park. He has been listed at three different lots. The most recent one is lot 40, but he has been listed at lots 24 and 86 in the past. His address history and the fact that he worked a second job makes us wonder if he were a full time police officer. Most full time cops are paid enough not to live in a place like that.

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include a video embedded below

Shady Says:

He was also there same cop not to long ago that supposedly accidentally shot his wife while cleaning his gun !!!!

Shady Says:

I'm currently live in Edinburgh have for the last 4 years. In my job I talk to a few of the officers who also worked with him. He was getting ready to kill himself. He also was the school resource officer for Eastside elementary school which is another big red flag. I'm sure there isn't just one victim.

The news video says that he was arrested after being released from the hospital, but other sources indicate that he was in the hospital on a detention order. That further supports our theory that he was suicidal because he knew what the investigators wanted to talk to him about, that he knew he was wrong, and that he was guilt. Innocent people do not typically become suicidal when they hear about false accusations being made against them.

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