Portland Police Officer 67 Identified as Erik Kammerer and Benched

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The Portland Police officer known as Officer 67 has been identified as Erik Kammerer and removed from duty after being caught on camera abusing protesters several times in recent months. Despite removing him from street duty, the city still refuses to publicly identify him, but we asked around and were provided with the above image that photographer Doug Brown posted on his website a few months ago (https://dougbrownmedia.com/blog/2020/2/8/kkk-rally-protesters-and-the-police-response-portland-or-2820). The image clearly shows the name Kammerer on the officer's name tag. His face clearly matches that of the officer with the number 67 on the back of his helmet in the video below. We checked the State of Oregon DPSST website for licensed officers named Kammerer and found just one result for people named Kammerer working for the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). That record is for one Erik Wayne Kammerer with the DPSST number 29988.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler blames advice from the City Attorney's Office as why he will not release the identities of Kammerer and four other officers recently removed from street duty for using excessive force. While Wheeler cites "contractual issues" we all know the real reason. It is the same reason why officers began taping over their nametags in the first place. They are afraid of getting doxed online. Doxing police officers by posting their home addresses can be done legally by just about anybody because most cops are too stupid to know how to bury their addresses on Google and other search engines. As a result just about anyone can find out where they live and repost that information on websites like this one. We currently have a block in place preventing some addresses from being displayed to avoid being targeted by local law enforcement, so addresses like his will only be displayed on this site if the admin is kept from logging into his account for more than 14 days for any reason. Despite that it is easy for anyone to find out where Erik Wayne Kammerer lives in Happy Valley because he is the only person by that name that lives in that city. Just by Google "Erik Kammerer Happy Valley" without quotes and you won't need to pay a cheap background check website for his address like we did.

Paid background check services have benefits in addition to finding easy to find addresses like Kammerer's. The one we use also gave us his criminal history which includes a 1991 conviction for careless driving, several phone numbers linked to him, and several email addresses believed to be linked to him, but it is the address that the PPB wants to keep secret the most. Ironic since they do nothing to keep websites from hosting the address itself. It is amazing that police departments all over America gripe so much about getting doxed but fail to teach their officers how to make it much harder for people to find their addresses online. If we did not hate them so much we would consider marketing them an address suppression service or maybe offer to teach a class on how to use your status as an officer to bury your address online and keep future addresses from ending up in public records, but then they would lose the doxing prevention excuse as an easy means of keeping people from knowing who they are and what they did. Since officers have guns at their homes, they would probably prefer the risk of having to shoot a trespasser over the risk of the public knowing who they are and what they did, so we don't think they would be interested in making themselves harder to dox any other way.

As for what Officer Kammerer did, he put at least three people in the hospital on three different occasions. His victims included a black homeowner that he struck in the back of the head just for complaining about tear gas that the PPB recklessly contaminated his home with during a protest. The other incidents include him assaulting a journalist and throwing a black woman to the pavement during a protest.

Officer Kammerer is listed on the DPSST website as a detective and he self identifies as a homicide detective on social media. He has held the rank of detective since 2007. We are not sure what a homicide detective is doing on the streets during protests. We think he probably volunteered for overtime or that he might be partially retired and working part time doing non-detective work while retaining his rank as detective. He is 47 years old, so that seems a little young for retirement, but we are not aware of him being demoted back to being a beat cop. After further review of the Kammerer image it appears that he is part of the city's Rapid Response Team which is basically their "elite" SWAT unit, so that would explain what a higher ranking officer is doing with them.

The name of the shooting victim is Jonathan Crowley. He was injured and at least one witness has said that the Marshals just opened up on him with no warning.

Erik Kammerer was in the news again recently after U.S. Marshals shot a man. This has people wondering if an officer currently under investigation for using excessive force should be heading an investigation into what appears to be an unnecessary police shooting.

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