Where to Rent Ryder Trucks in Washington D.C.

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Few things scream "we the people have had enough" like a Ryder truck. The Supreme Court of the United States has proven itself to be a court in name only. As a result, normally harmless objects have been making headlines whenever anyone thinks they might be used by Antifa to break the law (https://apnews.com/article/Fact-Check-DC-Bricks-Protests-319976751777). Like brick pallets placed near protests due to pre-scheduled construction, so too was this brick and mortar business built for the purpose of renting benign moving vans and trucks.

If you want to rent a Ryder truck in the Washington D.C. area, just click on the link above the map on the page, enter the address of the Supreme Court (1 First Street NE, Washington, D.C.), and the first address they give you should be the one mapped above. There for just $130.95 a day you can rent a Ryder truck of sufficient size to move just about anything.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend that anyone park such a truck outside any government building in this country. That is because federal courts have upheld convictions against people for parking Ryder trucks outside abortion clinics and government buildings. See United States vs. Hart https://openjurist.org/212/f3d/1067/united-states-of-america-v-j-fred-hart-jr. So, unless you want to risk getting arrested for parking a Ryder truck outside a government building we don't recommend doing so. You will probably be looking at a couple years in the feds or more if you have a record. Not worth it in our opinion.

Finally, until we know who owns them Ryder trucks we can't darn tell you it ain't them Antifa.

If I really wanted to incite something I'd do a companion piece about shopping at Home Depot.

Just in case you can't tell, this article is a joke intended to mock the big deal the media made of random stacks of building supplies conveniently located at construction sites just because they COULD be used as weapons by people angry at the government. I figured I might as well try to do them one better.

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