Mobile Metro Jail Guard Jimmie Laffitte Arrested for Contraband

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Mobile Metro Jail correctional officer Jimmie Laffitte III was arrested yesterday for promoting prison contraband. No further details were released, so we don't know what the contraband was, but he does not appear to be charged with any other crimes likely to imply that what he promoted were otherwise illegal (ex: illegal drugs).

We looked at the Alabama statute he is charged under for more clues ( and the definition of contraband is quite broad, "any contraband or thing which the actor knows or should know it is unlawful to introduce or for the inmate to possess." The fact that he is not charged with possession or distribution of a controlled substance implies that the contraband was not a controlled substance. Likewise he is not charged with unlawfully possessing a weapon, so it was likely not a weapon. That narrows it down to stuff like pornography or any other luxury item that is perfectly legal to possess on the outside. Pornography is a good bet since it can easily be hidden with legal work and there is a demand for it. Other possibilities include cell phones which are smuggled into inmates more often than you would think.

We looked up Laffitte and learned that he used to be defensive lineman for the Lane College Dragons during the 2015 ( and 2016 seasons ( He should have stayed in school. It is all too common for big boys that drop out of college to find themselves stuck in dead end jobs like being a correctional officer.

According to public records, Jimmie Rashawn Laffitte III is a 25 year old resident of Mobile, Alabama. He is a registered Democrat with no prior criminal record.

Jadeyoung2 Says:

You can go to the school library and look for the yearbooks for the target years of his graduation.

Grape jelly, you are also WRONG lol. He is charged not guilty. To assume he is guilty/ a criminal, being prosecuted, and did not graduate college is a deliberate lie, aka slander.

Get over it. You can also show proof.

GrapeJelly Says:

To: Jadeyoung2

You can go to the school library and look for the yearbooks for the target years of his graduation.

Also, slander is a deliberate spoken lie, and libel is a deliberate written lie. I don't I don't think it matters if he graduated from high school, he's guilty of the crime now he's being prosecuted, he's a criminal, get over it.

Jadeyoung2 Says:

My point proven. You dont have all the facts just opinions. Again, use more credible resources instead of your opinion. It dampens your credibility as a writer. You cant base some ones educational background on football pictures nor the colleges graduation rate. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY STEREOTYPICAL and DEFAMING TO HIS CHARACTER. You shouldve done better research. & shame on you to ask a viewer for evidence that you should obtain before blasting.

Jadeyoung2 - What makes you think he graduated? He only has 2 years worth of football pictures, so if he graduated it wasn't on a football scholarship. According to the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard the graduate rate for Lane College is just 27% (, so if you have evidence that he was part of that 27% I would like to see it.

I don't mean to use stereotypes, but a lot of jail guards played football and those that made it to college are usually dropouts which is why they become jail guards.

Jadeyoung2 Says:

I'm not sure where you find your sources, But the slander and the misinformation that you have posted about Mr. laffitte is incorrect. Although he was charged/ falsely accused, he is not a college drop out. He most definitely completed and obtained a bachelors degree from Lane College. Before you submit your blasting post, please be sure that your information is 100% credible.

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