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10/26/2021 - You can go to the school library and look for the yearbooks for the target years of his graduation.

Grape jelly, you are also WRONG lol. He is charged not guilty. To assume he is guilty/ a criminal, being prosecuted, and did not graduate college is a deliberate lie, aka slander.

Get over it. You can also show proof.
10/14/2021 - My point proven. You dont have all the facts just opinions. Again, use more credible resources instead of your opinion. It dampens your credibility as a writer. You cant base some ones educational background on football pictures nor the colleges graduation rate. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY STEREOTYPICAL and DEFAMING TO HIS CHARACTER. You shouldve done better research. & shame on you to ask a viewer for evidence that you should obtain before blasting.
10/13/2021 - I'm not sure where you find your sources, But the slander and the misinformation that you have posted about Mr. laffitte is incorrect. Although he was charged/ falsely accused, he is not a college drop out. He most definitely completed and obtained a bachelors degree from Lane College. Before you submit your blasting post, please be sure that your information is 100% credible.

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