Danesh Noshirvan's Road Rage Karen Report Not Like Police Report

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Jennifer Couture Police Report:

Danesh Noshirvan reported that he'd been informed of a CCTV tape allegedly showing Jennifer Couture, "driving around the parking lot coming back and trying to hit her with [her] car again." Noshirvan prefixed that statement with "from what I understand, there is more CCTV footage" which implied he may have been told that by a third party. I'm not about to accuse him of lying because there is no evidence of that. It is entirely possible someone else told him there was a CCTV tape of Couture driving around like a total psycho trying to hit someone, but the police report never mentions a CCTV tape and no CCTV tape has ever been uploaded. If there really was a CCTV tape I think Danesh would have uploaded it by now. Such a tape would have significantly lowered the chances of her aggravated assault charge being dropped to a misdemeanor. She would probably have been charged with attempted murder had there been a video of her driving as Danesh described.

False information like that has an unjust impact on defendants in criminal cases. It gives their lawyer more work and increases the probability of poisoning the jury pool. Most damaging, it increases the likelihood of police officers pursuing someone in the first place by creating a public outcry. The police report credits Couture's license plate for helping them identify her, not Danesh's video. Still, Danesh played a role by giving Couture's name to Anjalyke Reed in time for her to give it to police the next day. How Danesh identified Couture in the first place is not clear, but I guess he probably had someone run her plate just like the cops did. Then Danesh went a step further and contacted Couture himself. He asked her about the incident and she admitted to it. Then Danesh uploaded Reed's video with his own snotty commentary taunting Couture by claiming to be the reason she'd be getting kidnapped by the government soon. Danesh went beyond being a mere commentator to a volunteer web sleuth. Even though police would have caught Couture anyway, it is the effort that counts. Using social media to contact someone and gather evidence with the intent of channeling that evidence to the government via an intermediary is snitching.

Danesh claims responsibility for getting others kidnapped by the government (see video below). Such channels encourage internet snitch culture which benefits the prison industrial complex and furthers the sissyfication of society. The real victims here are those who've been kidnapped by the government. Reed walked away just fine and still she sicked the cops on Couture. If someone tried to grab my phone, talked to me like that, and backed their car up near me, I wouldn't call the cops. I wouldn't have even been filming in the first place, but that is not the point. She had all her property, nothing was damaged, and she didn't have a mark on her body. It takes a certain type of vindictive individual to send a video like this to someone like Danesh and file a police report. A better person would have just said "whatever *****" and went about her day. If I were Reed, I would have uploaded the video and shared it everywhere, but I wouldn't file a police report. The embarrassment of being identified by name in a video like that should be punishment enough.

What allegedly happened to Danesh next is something I'm still piecing together. A lot of it sounds like gossip and crazy stories. What I do know is somebody, allegedly a far-right political activist named Joseph Camp, launched a major assault online and elsewhere on Danesh's reputation. Camp's Gab account is updated regularly with attacks on Danesh calling him all kinds of crazy things. The billboard in this post's featured image was found on Camp's Gab account as well as an image of a full page advertisement in a newspaper featuring the same graphic. Danesh has also had his home address, phone number, and other contact information posted online. Who takes out a full page ad and plasters someone's face on a billboard? Someone outrageous and truly dedicated. I'm not calling that number for help.

Camp has amassed a long enemies list over the years some of whom have started attacking Couture with accusations of funding Camp. Acting as if she is partly responsible for anything he does as long as he is employed by her in some way. As if paying Camp to perform one job equates to sponsorship of his other activities. Her husband is also on their chopping block. People are looking for Camp constantly. Some of them posted a video which appears at first to be a burglary of Couture's stable, but I've since been informed it might have been made by a realtor. Either way it still seems creepy (https://twitter.com/ZileAndBea/status/1562289766556631041). It wouldn't surprise me if the next people to let Camp crash on their couch are next.

Some of Camp's tactics are great ways to stick it to your snitch, especially if your snitch lives in a small town. Take out a full page ad in your local paper and put up a billboard next to the highway into town. Those are great ways to expose true facts about snitches, but I prefer you just use this website. The posting of names and information about them is also a legitimate response to being snitched on provided you don't threaten anyone. You have a First Amendment right to criticize someone for being a snitch, so use it.

The police report being uploaded with this article is a good read. Seems Couture was more worried about the video being uploaded than she was about getting arrested.


Danesh helped people snitch on the wrong *****.

AndrewRomine Says:

Jennifer is Suing Danesh filed in Florida MD Federal Court case number 2:23-cv-00340 also go on TikTok user name TnConst for posted videos about the civil liability suit

Danesh appears in a Dr. Phil episode that airs tomorrow. Clips seen so far show him going only by his handle ThatDaneshGuy. He appears to defend his efforts to get people kidnapped by the government.

Danesh has posted a really interesting video which includes Joey Camp admitting to taking pictures of his kids, but Danesh claims Joey was in Jennifer Couture's swimming pool in Florida at the time when someone was taking pictures of his kids outside his house. I have not seen evidence of someone taking pictures of his kids, but the comments made by Camp in the video are disturbing.

In my opinion it appears that Camp and others have been harassing Danesh. I still don't think the conduct alleged violates the federal interstate stalking statue and I certainly don't think anyone has tried to kill Danesh. Those seem like exaggerations typical of people trying to make law enforcement prioritize their case.


Just occurred to me the comment Danesh posted was a message to Jennifer Couture thinking some **** she knows uploaded the video. I uploaded the video, I'm not a ****, and I don't know her.

"Stalking children will never be okay, Jennifer. Everything you're doing right now goes straight to your probation officer. Your ****-goon is named as your right-hand in all police reports from everyone in my town and in your own family. Anything the **** does, including this, reflects on you (as per your probation officer Marc and his supervisor Ashlee.) You need to stop, Jennifer, you're going to end up in prison. " - ThatDaneshGuy on YouTube

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