Who is the Pettis County Deputy That Shot Hannah Fizer?

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An unidentified deputy with the Pettis County Sheriff's office gunned down 25 year old Hannah Fizer last Saturday night. Yesterday the Missouri Highway Patrol announced that no gun was found in her car. There is no video of the incident because Sheriff Kevin Bond says that deputies stopped wearing body cameras three years ago due to technical difficulties and lack of funding. They also stopped operating dash board cameras in their cars. Typically law enforcement finds it technically difficult to operate such devices without them catching them breaking the law, so it makes sense for them to want to lose funding for such things.

The deputy claimed that Hannah Fizer had a gun and threatened to shoot them, so they opened fired in self defense. Her family questioned that story right away saying she does not own a gun and the only thing she would have had in her hand was her phone because she had that in her hand all the time. What kind of deputy can't tell the difference between a phone and a gun even at night? One that needs an eye exam or is so incompetent that he starts shooting at anyone holding an object before he can figure out what it is.

Sheriff Bond did say that the shooter has been with the department since 2007. Pettis County is not very big, so hopefully someone knows a deputy on leave that has worked their since 2007. If you know this deputy contact us please.

UPDATE: Sheriff Bond has personally refused to comply with our FOIA request for the shift schedule and staff roster. We are actively looking for the killer's identity. Updates will be added to our post about Sheriff Bond at https://copblaster.com/blast/25797/pettis-county-sheriff-kevin-c-bond-refuses-to-comply-with-foia

UPDATE: The video on this page has been changed to the police audio released so far. In the audio an officer says that deputies are saying that she is threatening to shoot them and reaching around in the car. Then they ask if they want air support and no answer is given. Then they say shots were fired. This is important because what changed after they say she was reaching around in the car? She obviously was not reaching for a gun because no gun was found nor did they claim to find anything that resembles a gun. It takes more than claiming to be armed and reaching around the car to justify shooting her.

Hannah's father released the name Jordan Schutte last week https://copblaster.com/blast/25835/did-pettis-county-deputy-jordan-schutte-shoot-hannah-fizer

Hannah' brother has said that he does not think that the Jimmy Moore rumor is accurate.

The name Jimmy Moore has been circulating on social media, but we are not sure if that is accurate.

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