Urgent. Please Help. Illegally arrested

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By: Adamaria
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Benson, Ada Maria:

See attached file. Hemet Police has posted obscene papers on my windshield using the word "bitch" I am an educated woman Holding a Master degree, two Bachelor degrees and work in assigned Federal work temporarily with Ckean crinal record.

Adamaria Says:

As far as the medication, i did change the doctor. I was having convulsions and trembling. The vehicle should be as a house. sacred that no one can open the door and grab anyone from inside to place the sick person in false light. They have perceived me alone, and because quiet they have thought I am an easy prey that they can harm at any time. Educated people quiet, but if you read the writs you will see what negative effects bring to be in the wrong crowd

Adamaria Says:

Thank you for posting an answer. I am glad that web sites as yours post reality. I proceeded with filing in federal court and opened a class action case. I am a per se. I am representing myself. although I am new filing complaints in court, I decided to place every violent act that I have gone under caused by law enforcement violence. I also filed against the sheriff riverside county. For your site would be good to see my cases. 5:2020cv02641 and case 5:2020cv02641 are both law enforcement cases. they may assist in your website and campaign.

The part about your story that jumped out to me was "Since I filed divorce against a Riverside County sheriff in 2004, my life has suffered the persecution of law enforcement" so if anyone in that county is specifically targeting you it would probably be him or fellow cops that he knows.

Sounds like they charged you with disorderly conduct and being under the influence in public. I would recommend getting a list of you medications from your doctor as well as a statement from you doctor about how they can effect you. Then if the DA won't drop it based on that get a lawyer.

Adamaria Says:

I can assist in any news press release. The extreme violence is daily. Repression us the highest levels of violence. I have been immersed In a persecution with brute police force everyday. I thought on Monday September 1st that my van and I were going to be placed in fire at the cul de sact at Gilmore st in Hemet, CA.

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